Could Research of Bottle Nosed Dolphins Lead to Treatments for Type 2 (II) Diabetes? February 21, 2010

Could Dolphins be a clue in the pursuit of a cure for Type II Diabetes?   I never knew Dolphins were the only other mammal to develop type 2 diabetes?


American scientists have discovered that bottlenosed dolphins show a form of insulin resistance very similar to that seen in human diabetes. Unlike patients with the condition, the marine mammals can turn this state on and off when appropriate, so it is not normally harmful.

The findings indicate that dolphins could provide a valuable animal model for investigating type 2 diabetes, which promises to advance research into new therapies. If researchers can learn how the animals switch off their insulin resistance before it becomes damaging, it could be possible to develop a cure.

Just because we may not know the answers to many questions in life doesn’t mean they aren’t out there.      It should be interesting to see how this research evolves as Type 2 Diabetes is one of the growing health challenges facing us all today.

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  1. Sure dolphins could teach us about diabetes:
    – They never have a slushy in their hand while walking around the mall.
    – You never ever see them in MacDonalds.
    – Smoking is out, obviously.

    … of course the above is due largely to their inability to carry cash, not having hands or even pockets that someone could reach into for money

    But putting that aside:
    – They have a healthy fish rich diet.
    – They swim/exercise regularly

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