Harper Government Takes Actions to Protect Canadian Arctic sovereignty – New Registration Laws – Monday March 1, 2010

Cornwall ON- The Harper Government is getting tough on Canada’s Arctic sovereignty by implementing new registration laws for shipping through the North West passage.


The planned Northern Canada Vessel Traffic Services Zone, announced late Friday by Transport Minister John Baird, falls short of opposition demands to target all sizes of vessels but could still spark objections from foreign countries – including the United States – that view the Northwest Passage as an “international strait” rather than Canadian waters.

Kudo’s to Mr. Harper and his government for taking some action in protecting what’s rightfully Canada’s.    Like the old saying goes; “use it or lose it” and for years now other countries such as Russia and the US have been inching into Canada’s Arctic regions with symbolic actions such as the laying of flags as Russia has done.

Canada needs to protect the integrity of its borders, and it’s resource rights.

What do you think Canada?  Feel free to post your comments below.

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  1. So is Mr. Harper going to send John Baird to the arctic to stand on the shore and bark at the foreign ships as they pass by?

  2. Author

    That would be a very good thing especially if they dress him in a fuchsia parka…..

  3. Good one, Reg. How about Helena Guergis to keep him company and kick the snow and throw things?

  4. This is all quite irrelevant. The same sort of “symbolic gesture” the Russians made. All the countries involved-Canada, Russia, the US, and Norway are all currently mapping out (hurriedly, I might add) the ocean floor, trying to decipher where the continental shelf starts and ends. Until this mapping is complete, all claims are moot.

  5. Hmmm, the continental shelf is sure to overlap, what then?

  6. Could we not make Guy Lauzon the Minister of the North Pole, and station him there?

  7. No, the continental shelf will not overlap… it eventually drops off into the ocean floor, and becomes international warter.

  8. Actually this is very relevant news, when it comes to shipping . Tracking these vessels does a number of things to assert our authority. First, if I know where you are at all times, I can save you or arrest you .
    Secondly, if shps register on their way , through our waters; over time it will provide a data base, thus requiring a division or unit incorporated to assimilate that data and provide vital stats to our law makers.

  9. very good idea Watcher!

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