Cornwall Ontario City Councilor Mark MacDonald Goes to the Closing Ceremony of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver British Columbia Canada – March 1, 2010

Cornwall ON – Cornwall City Councilor and rumored Mayoral Candidate Mark MacDonald was lucky enough to get a ticket to the Closing Ceremony of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver British Columbia.

And what a ceremony it was with Neil Young, Alanis Morrisette, Nickelback, and Avril Lavigne performing live in front of the capacity crowd.   The ceremony was quite the spectacle all unto itself – a MTV happy pill version of Munich 1936 all live on CTV and their affiliate stations and feeds.

I caught up with Mark Sunday where he said that the city was completely insane after the Canadian Men won GOLD in Hockey.

He also stated that it took triple the time to get into BC Place because of the mayhem, excitement and extra care given for the final day of the Olympics which have been a huge success.  Kudo’s to Vancouver and Kudo’s to Canada who finished first with 14 gold medals!

I was working my last shift at BC Place and I was awarded a ticket for the closing ceremonies.  Needless to say the entire experience has been incredible. I was four rows from the front and I saw everything up close.

The city of Vancouver is alive with Olympic energy.  The streets in downtown Vancouver are packed with people every night and I truly believe that our country is better as a result of these Olympic games.

I will see you soon in Cornwall and I look forward to the challenges ahead.


Councilor MacDonald will be spending another week in BC before returning to Cornwall.

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  1. Hopefully Future Mayor Mark MacDonald’ trip won’t cost us anything here in Cornwall.

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