Going Google for Google Fibre – Duluth Minnesota and Topeka Kansas Google it Out – Google Ontario – March 5, 2010

Cornwall (Google) Ontario – Who wouldn’t want 100 times faster internet service?  In their efforts to take over the world one gigabyte at a time Google will be launching their Google Fiber test program.   While not helping you be regular; it will definately help your computer zip through the net faster than the Star Ship Enterprise while being chased by a Klingon fleet.  ( I no idea why I’ve just Star Trekked out other than perhaps helping our google search rankings….I digress)


So Google is offering 100 times faster internet at reasonable prices.   Now that’s my kind of company.    In the meanwhile Duluth and Topeka will vie with other cities to be a trial site for the new service.

Check out the Newfie accent in the clip below.   I love it all.  Kudos to Google for doing something good and for people having fun with it.    I wonder how many companies and people will move to the winning city just to have access to the better net service?


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