Jeff Bridges Wins Best Actor Oscar for Crazy Heart – Sandra Bullock an Oscar and Razzie in the same year! 2010 Oscar Award Round Up – March 8, 2010

Jeff Bridges has given a lot of performances and been a lot of projects.  Some great; some good; some like funky gym socks.   Last night he was awarded the highest kudo any actor could receive, an Academy Award as Best Actor in Crazy Heart (which is playing her at The Port Theatre on Montreal Road).

Meryl Streep lost for the 14th time.  She’s been nominated for an Oscar 16 times winning twice.  Sandra Bullock was instead the Academy’s choice for Best Actress.

Kathyrn Bigelow made Hollywood history by becoming the first woman to win an Oscar for The Hurt Locker which stole the evening winning best picture as well.   The movie; only grossing $20,000,000 won 4 more awards as well.

Mo’Nique won Best Supporting actress for her role in Precious.  UP won for best Animated feature too!

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