On Call – by Vanessa Carter – Olympic Passions and Intensity of Training – March 9, 2010

Well this is my second entry, & I really have to say that I tried to avoid talking about athletics, but I just can’t do it. With the Olympics just ending & having gone to the Leafs-vs-Sens game last night; I just have so much to say!

I know it’s been a week now since the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games, & yet I find myself turning on the television to see if there are any stations interviewing athletes, or simply playing back highlights like Crosby’s game-winning overtime goal to beat team USA.

You become so involved in our Canadian athletes lives for that short amount of time, & then all of a sudden, like that; it’s over. It’s absolutely amazing to know what each individual athlete has gone through to reach their point of success, & I truly believe that throughout those two weeks, we all realized that it takes a determined, hard-working person surrounded by a network of people supporting them throughout their journey to reach the point of being an Olympian.

As a former athlete, yes that’s right- “former”, I can really empathize all the hours of dedication & perseverance in training, not only physically but mentally as well & the countless sacrifices one must make simply for that short duration of fame in front of your country & the world.

By no means can I compare my hockey career as even remotely intense as theirs, but I remember the countless hockey tournaments in Toronto on the weekends when I was younger, or the 6:30am practices 5 days a week, or the dryland sessions with our trainer that seemed to never come to an end while I was playing varsity hockey in the States; but really, even with all that pain & sacrifice, you never even consider throwing in the towel, just because it’s all worth it.

When you step on the ice for warm-up with the music blazing, or standing there on the blue line singing the Canadian anthem as you look to the flag, there’s no greater feeling & I still get chills simply writing about it.

But then I come back to my reality now, & that’s where medical school comes in & I find myself spending a lot more time in the books than on the ice or in front of the television.

But this is the next step in my life, & I have so many people to thank for supporting me throughout my endeavors; my parents, siblings, friends, & the list goes on. I will always be ready & excited to lace up the skates & jump on the ice, but medicine is my true passion. Every day I count my blessings of being accepted into the program at the University of Ottawa & someday soon helping those in my community.

It’s the next phase of my life & now I will simply have to enjoy playing recreational hockey or watching my Leafs go on & play for the Stanley (which will consist of a lot of watching).

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  1. Atta girl, you are a true believer. The Leafs will rise again!

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