Cornwall Ontario City Councilor Mark MacDonald’s $500,000 Solution to the Seaway International Bridge Crisis – Markus Noé- March 15, 2010

Council Refuses to Ignore Bridge Issue

Cornwall ON – Cornwall and area business owners as well as commuters were given a glimmer a hope with the departure of Minister Peter Van Loan as Public Safety Minister. The thought was perhaps the new Minister Vic Toews would be able fast track a resolution for the bridge issue. Unfortunately for Cornwallites Toews has chosen to be just as inactive on this issue as his predecessor. The first evidence of this came last week with Toews refusal to meet with Mayor Bob Kilger.

This has ruffled some feathers on council and during next week’s meeting a curious motion will be brought forth. Councilor Marc MacDonald’s motion which is seconded by Mary Ann Hug if passed would charge the Canada Day Committee $500,000 for the use of Lamoureux Park for this year’s celebration.

When asked why he has put this motion together MacDonald said, “We have been going unnoticed by the federal government long enough. The Chamber of Commerce has said that local businesses are losing thousands of dollars a day. This motion is to keep this issue on the table as well to hopefully recoup some of the money the city has lost.”

MacDonald’s is also seeking a quick resolution to this issue because it has put the construction of the lower level bridge on hold. “This is a 100 million dollar project that will change the face of the community, I keep getting told that the money is the bank but we cannot start construction until this issue is resolved.”

Charging a half a million dollars for the use of Lamoureux Park may be excessive, however Macdonald defends his motion when he said, “It is one thing to complain about this issue and say we are not satisfied with the government’s inaction but it’s not enough. We have to do something a bout it. It is up to the mayor and the rest of council to do something about it. If this motion doesn’t pass than I suggest for someone else on council to come up with something.”

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