Liberals Keep the Funding Ball Rolling – Jim Brownell – Cornwall Ontario – SDSG – March 15, 2010 – Markus Noé

Cornwall ON – The government of Ontario will be opening up its coffers to SD&G this year by helping fund 6 festivals and events. The purpose of this funding is to increase local tourism by strengthening these established programs and increase their audiences.

Local M.P.P Jim Brownell commented on the funding when he said,

“These festivals and events showcase the wonderful culture we have in this region, and help boost business for our local hotels, restaurants, and other attractions. They are some of the many reasons that this region is a wonderful place to visit and to spend a vacation.”

Michael Chan Minister of Tourism and Culture also commented on the funding when he said,

“Festivals and events are important drivers of tourism in Ontario. This support will help enhance their offerings and bring more jobs, visitors and spending to communities throughout our province.”

Stormont, Dundas and South Glengarry’s Celebrate Ontario recipients are :

§ Tubie Festival In Morrisburg- $22,750

§ Kinsmen Cornwall Lift-Off- $75,000

§ Upper Canada Village Medieval Festival- $40,000

§ River Rush- $23,500

§ Upper Canada Heritage Festival- $75,000

§ Alight at Night- $63,200

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  1. Wow. Now how about some of those provincial tax dollars for our hospital? Afterall, we all pay into the “Health Premium [NOT A TAX]”. I find it hard to believe that there are no extra funds for the hospital and their salary overbloated administration but in the meantime, lets fund a bunch of festivals that’ll be forgotten within a couple of weeks after.

  2. These “gifts” will help, thank you for giving us back some of our money.

    I am surprised that the poll on this paper has Cons and Libs tied, guess that will change July 1 when HST comes in.
    Medication for your pets currently only has GST, that means another 8% later this year as well.

  3. No provincial political party in Canada has brought in HST legislation during their term of office, and then won the next election. They were all defeated primarily because of introducing a new tax.

  4. Thanks for the suggestion(Letter to the Editor) but I`m potentially one of the new Ontario “criminals”.
    I would be unable to provide the information required to write a Letter to the Editor.

    My family now lives in fear and in hiding in Ontario because of what the Ontario Liberals have done.(Bill 132-DOLA)
    We watch as our Tax dollars are used to slaughter family pets and to prosecute our fellow Ontario Citizens simply due to the look of the 4 legged family member.
    We wonder if we`ll be next.
    If and when we`re charged for simply owning a short haired mutt,we`ll write a letter to the Editor.

    So yeah we`re passionate about this issue and we`re angry as Liberal MPP`s are lauded for helping out their communities as they continue to destroy people`s lives.

    Ontario Citizens better wake up,dog owner or not!
    This is a dangerous Party(that we used to support) and there is no amount of money that they can hand out to Festivals that will make up for what they are doing to law abiding Citizens right under the nose of people who think this is simply a dog issue.

    I suggest that those with Power(The media) to do something GET Passionate.
    The Media can start by telling the Public the Truth about this issue.

    No one should have to hide and live in fear because of the “look” of their dog.
    Better start questioning exactly what the Ontario Liberal Party is up to?

  5. Author

    Um Clay, hello, we’re the media right here. The Cornwall Free News is an accredited newspaper and we now have a radio station. We are not owned by any of the chains and are completely independent.

    There are laws in this world. Some of them are flawed. Sometime people’s reactions to good and bad laws are flawed too. I just don’t get why some people pick on one political party as though it’s the sole cause of any issue???

  6. People generally think of government as the last resort, as in the ‘buck stops with them.’ Government affects and I would argue, controls the way we lead our lives. From income taxes, laws in health, criminal code, social programs, environment, transit. etc. The list is endless.

    Government is getting more and more intrusive into our lives by passing laws continuously, with little or no input from the public ….the very people they are there to serve. People have a sense that government doesn’t represent their interests. We see this with all of the different comments on this site. We also see this in the pathetic voter turnout rate, less than 60% in a federal election.

    Why was it that in 1958 we had about 80% of eligible voters go the polls and today it is embarrassingly low? People are surrounded with information compared to 1958, but they have become apathetic.

    It’s time to wake up and change that. Discussing the issues is a good start.

  7. Yes Jamie, I sometimes wonder why too!

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