NDP MP Thomas Mulcair Guest on www.Seawayradio.com Monday Morning 9:00 AM – Cornwall Ontario – March 15, 2009

NDP MP for Outremont Quebec, Thomas Mulcair will be our guest on Seawayradio.com this morning at 9AM.   The longtime former MLA for Chomedy will be talking about the topics du jour.

You never know who’ll pop onto Cornwall Ontario’s Community all request radio station.   To ask Mr. Mulcair a question email us at info@cornwallfreenews.com

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  1. This was an excellent interview. Thomas Mulcair is a gifted individual, communicates well and has an in depth understanding of the issues. Clearly, we are in limbo with a Conservative minority government that is biding its time until it gets a majority.

    I parted with the NDP several years ago because they would not publicly condemn the movement towards a North American Union, after several years of SPP meetings, with 100’s of public servants, and many high ranking politicians meeting twice a year basically in secret from Mexico and the U.S.. It got so bad that Stockwell Day at first did not admit to attending a big pow-wow in Alberta. The Montebello conference in ’07 was a bust, and from then on I have heard nothing.

    So, next time Mr. Mulcair comes on your show Jamie, would you get him to talk about the NDP position on a North American Union? We’re talking about maintaining Canadian sovereignty for future generations.

    Many thanks for an interesting interview.

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