Earth Matters by Jacqueline Milner – Greenvention & SunChips – Cornwall Ontario – March 15, 2010

Did you receive your new phone book recently?  Have you noticed that the Yellow pages now include an ecoGuide?  How amazing is this…we now have recycling and repurposing information right at our finger tips.

This guide lists all the local organizations and businesses that will look after your hazardous waste items and repurpose the items you no longer need.  There is information on almost anything you can think of.

From batteries, paint and propane tanks to hangers, used oil and expired medications.  Taking advantage of this information will keep our world healthier and cleaner.  Suggestion: before taking items such as batteries, compact florescent light bulbs, etc to a Retail Store for disposal or recycling; phone ahead to insure the information in the book is on target.

Last month it was mentioned that SunChips was leading the way in the Snack food business by introducing the first compostable snack food packaging for their SunChips.  SunChips has now partnered with the Dragon’s Den people to award $100,000.00 dollars to the person/people who come up with the best Greenvention.

What is aGreenvention you ask?  Well it is an eco-friendly idea, product or process that takes into consideration health and respect for our earth and all the living things that share this planet with us.  If you feel up to the challenge or would like further details, visit

Speaking of compostable packaging, I could tell the roll-up-the-rim campaign was on again even before I saw the first commercial.  How you might ask?  Well the cups turn up everywhere; ditches, sidewalks and fields.  So I ask you, Isn’t it about time that Tim Horton’s began using compostable cups in their business?

I do think it is long overdue.  If you are a diehard Tim Horton’s client and this is a change that you would like this business to make; let your favourite coffee stop Manager know.  In the meantime you could forego the roll-up-the-rim cup and take your own reusable cup for your coffee.  They will still try to give you the cup and your request would really hit home if you responded with a No Thank-you!  You could be passing up a potential RAV 4 win in favour of taking a stand for a healthier environment.  GOOD ON YOU!

Now to all those who feel it is OK to despoil our roads, ditches and fields with your garbage and empty coffee cups, may a couple of big elephants relieve themselves in the sanctuary where you sleep or rest and of course while you are in it so that you may have a first hand experience of what it is like to have someone disrespect your personal space.  Maybe a road, ditch or field doesn’t seem like much to you; however there are many people and creatures who do not appreciate your garbage strewn about.

Food for thought:  According to Jonathan Safran Foer, Author of ‘Eating Animals’, guest on Ellen this past week; if we (North Americans) were to forego one meal of animal protein a week this would be equivalent to keeping 5 million cars off of the road.  I guess you will have to read the book to see how he came to this conclusion.

Is there a topic you would like us to write about?  Your commentary is encouraged and welcome.  Have a great week!

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