Calling all Conservatives, Harperites, Progressive Conservatives – The Cornwall Free News Wants You! – Cornwall Ontario – March 19, 2010

Cornwall ON – We get called a lot of names by you Conservative types.   Now I have very thick skin and am a firm believer that the only time you’re in trouble is when people stop talking about you, but we want to try and be as “Free” as possible on this paper.

For some reason Conservative Politicians are avoiding us.  Even though we’ve never attacked a single person we’ve interviewed or pulled a Mike Wallace once.   It’s a bit boggling as any sane rational person would think that a Conservative Politician would want to reach as many people as possible like most other politicians or guests we have on our Radio show ( or here on the Cornwall Free News?

So we’re shouting out to you Conservative types; whether you’re a traditional Mulroney Progressive Conservative or that Harperite Neo Con type we’d like to invite some of you to write for our paper or host on our radio show.

We dare you.    🙂     Actually Double Dare you.    Our soapbox can be your soapbox.

There, hope that’s clarified things so that I can metaphorically punch the next one of you cry babies that squawks about us not showing any love to Conservatives.

And as someone that lives in Guy Lauzon’s riding I’m really glad that you folks may be cutting back on all of those pamphlets, erm…  propaganda you crank out.    LINK

“A majority of MPs in the House of Commons voted this week to ban mass mailings of “10-percenters” outside their own ridings, directing the Board of Internal Economy, which controls internal Commons affairs, to “end immediately the wasteful practice.”

The Conservatives argued vehemently against the ban during a day-long debate and then voted en masse against the Liberal motion, which included a grab bag of other partisan jabs against the government in addition to the bulk-mail directive.

As late as mid-afternoon Wednesday, Prime Minister Stephen Harper was cleverly needling the Opposition during question period with a response that appeared to suggest he supported the ban — but only if it applied to Liberal mailings.

His office, asked to clarify the prime minister’s comment, told The Canadian Press that the “PM is glad to see Liberal cancellation from the program given the poor taste the Liberals have shown in 10-percenter use.”

“We will continue to use the program to communicate with Canadians,” spokesman Andrew MacDougall said in an email.

Three hours later — after news reports of Conservative intransigence began to circulate — another PMO spokesman, Dimitri Soudas, emailed The Canadian Press to say the “Conservative caucus supports eliminating out-of-riding 10-percenters so long as this restriction applies to all parties.”

Now if we can just get them to cut down on the waste of trees and taxpayer dollars in this riding or at least add some content.  Maybe some old Peanuts cartoons…..

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  1. OK then, I will tell you stuff. But, first I will check with King Stephen to get the latest spin.Thanks for the invite. By the way, even the Seaway News don’t seem to like my Guy anymore with an editorial titled “SPEAK UP, GUY” that tore into his silence.

  2. No surprise, Jamie, as to the Harperites. See how the Control Freak turns tail and becomes the Chicken Avoider as soon as Democracy ups and dares him—why else did he prorogue twice inside a year?—and all the little Harper sheep are ordered to keep mum and follow suit. But here’s your real point: Where oh where are the Progressive Conservatives when we need them?

  3. Alive and well….and living in Cornwall, Ontario.

  4. Are you the only one here Cornwall Harry?

  5. Author

    It does seem that the area Conservatives are lacking in testicular fortitude. I know they read the paper and listen to our radio station. I remember once Lowell Green challenging Liberals to call into his show and even offering a cash donation to charity if one would call in and debate his point; which I did at the time, and won.

    Surely if the Conservative view point and support for the Harper government is so strong in this riding then some voices would pop up? I mean it’s not like we’ve ever been a rude host here on The Cornwall Free News? Are Conservatives gutless? Can they not support the laws and stances they push onto the majority of Canadians?

  6. Welcome, Cornwall Harry. So, tell us, what are the PCs doing to make themselves heard and straighten out the regressive Harperites?

  7. Author

    Well PJR isn’t that a question you should perhaps be asking the opposition as well? It’s always easy to poke sticks at those in power, but it will take real solutions to unseat a ruling party.

  8. Fair comment, admin. The opposition is sadly leaderless. My point is, following their betrayal by Peter MacKay, what are the PCs doing to say loud and clear, “We want no part of the Harper gang of neocons”?

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