Just Another Tequila Sunrise on Air Canada – Jean Pierre Blackburn’s Alleged Liquor Confrontation at Airport

Cornwall ON – Just when the Helena Guergis story was sorta slowing down about another Conservative Minister has allegations about trying to get his tequila through security and then throwing an Helena when refused by Air Canada staff.

Maybe Cabinet Ministers should travel Via Rail?


Blackburn wanted to bypass a rule that all Canadians must follow: You cannot pack containers filled with more than 100 millilitres of liquid.

When security at the Ottawa airport told Blackburn he would have to give up his bottle of tequila, sources say he asked that the bottle be kept for him. When security refused, he demanded that they empty the bottle in his presence.

Sources told CTV News the argument became so heated, security almost called the police.

Ow, that’s not good.   It’s enough to make  Prime Minister drink!   Now if only the Marijuana laws in Canada were more reasonable…..

I think the punishment for these Cab Mins who like to get their drink on enough to hit the media are some big donations to MADD and of course be forced to listen to CBC radio for an entire Week!

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  1. Whats with these “Conservatives” these days? Wanting to circumvent airport security laws? First Guergis and now Blackburn. These laws are in place for a reason! What if Blackburn would have used the Tequila as a bomb? (not saying that would happen but thats part of the reason why that law is in place). Ministers are NOT ABOVE the LAW!
    So Jaffer, Guergis, and now Blackburn seem to think they are above the law. I wonder who else will now sprout out of the woodwork??

  2. Author

    not sure Grimalot, but I’m pretty sure those opposition moles will do their best to uncover some dish!

  3. Air Canada staff had nothing to do with refusing a bottle of tequila on board. Security at Canadian’s Airport rests with a Company called CATSA which is funded by the governement. They are the ones responisible for assuring every passenger is screened and to have the regulations of Transport Canada’s air safety (not Air Canad’s) respected.

  4. Author

    Hey Eric, you’re right! Good catch amigo. I stand corrected.

  5. Good post, grimalot. “ENOUGH WITH THESE CONSERVATIVES! THEY ACT AS IF THEY ARE ABOVE THE LAW” deserves to become a throw-the-bums-out rallying cry across the country.

  6. Jerk,just another pig at the trough.Come to NS,we seem to have money down here for pigs that want special treatment….

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