Earth Matters by Jacqueline Milner – Dance with the butterflies! – March 22, 2010

Dance with the butterflies!

Spring is Here!  New life is evident everywhere one looks.  The blackbirds, crackles and robins have returned.  The birds are busily singing to find a mate to start a new family and building or rebuilding their nests for the season.  Plants are peaking out of their winter hibernation homes, stretching to reach the sun, air and wind once again.  The cycle of renewal and growth has once again come full circle.  There is so much life and beauty around us each and every day if we just take the time to unplug from our daily demands and just stop to look, listen and appreciate.

Now I can do this right in my own backyard however this week I decided to make a trip to Jardin botanique de Montreal.  This is great place to visit or spend a day any time of the year because they have wonderful indoor, warm, inviting greenhouses to visit; also they have expansive grounds for picnicking, walking, running, rollerblading and skiing.  It is a wonderful family friendly locale which is wheelchair accessible.

Because it is the Botanical Gardens of Montreal do expect a wonderful array of plants and trees indoors and out.  I specifically went this time to enjoy the Papillons en liberté event.  This event will run to April 25, 2010.  They have had this event for a few years now.  This show features butterflies and moths from around the world.  Pupa and caterpillars are imported and set-up in a greenhouse which is equipped with the plants and environment necessary for growth and sustenance.

I have always found it heart warming and thrilling to see and watch the beauty, colours and flying acrobats of butterflies and moths.  This greenhouse is teaming with hundreds of such flying wonders.  It is truly uplifting.  There were many children when I visiting who were just squealing with delight.

I am certain those who were wheelchair bound greatly relished the opportunity as well.  There are guided visits throughout the day which will inform the visiting public about the life cycle of the species and their anatomical features; a great opportunity to learn and appreciate the life of this wonderful creature that we share this planet with.

The photographs here were taken during this visit. For more information about the Jardin botanique de Montreal visit Admission to the Botanical Gardens also includes admission to the Insectorium which is just next door.  A CAA membership entitles you to additional discounts on ticket pricing.  If you have never visited these two locations, you are in for a treat.  This is wonderful adventure for kids from 1 to 91.

It has come to my attention that The Green Team at St. Lawrence College is looking into the changing the current disposables used in their cafeteria to compostables.  Firstly a big shout out to The Green Team for looking into this.  If any of our readers have any research information on the compostable items, suppliers, prices or availability would you kindly forward to Michael Madden

Lastly, the snow has all melted leaving behind garbage in its wake.  Please consider lending a hand and example to those around you by picking up some of this debris and putting it where it belongs; the recycle bin or garbage.

Your commentary and input is greatly appreciated.  Is there a topic you would like addressed?

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