OPEN MIKE NIGHT at Café Connectionz (407 Water Street) – Friday March 26 – 6-9 PM will be Broadcasting LIVE!

We’ll be broadcasting live from Café Connectionz (407 Water Street East in Cornwall Ontario ) which is becoming the hottest music spot in Cornwall Ontario!

Join Keegan Larose and several other local musical acts.  Admission is free, and the coffee and yummies are plentiful and your purchase helps keep these events happening.

Rock for Charity 3 will be live at Cafe Connectionz Friday May 14th!  Graham Greer, Sara Murphy, Jason Setnyk, Kings Bishop and Jones Lake will be raising funds and performing for raising money for CRAG (Cornwall Regional Art Gallery)

This will be a packed house and it’s for a super cause!  See you there as we’ll broadcast live for this event too on !

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