Letter to the Editor – John Milnes of South Stormont Ontario Isn’t Happy with SD&SG Federal MP Guy Lauzon – March 22, 2010

Dear Sir:

Congratulations to our local newspapers for their excellent coverage.  They have brought to the surface the total ineffectiveness of our Conservative member of parliament [MP].  Without exception the local newspapers have found Guy Lauzon, the MP in question, to be missing in action on so many issues it is hard to believe he thinks he is representing the people of this area.  Whether or not we like it, the media is the opinion forming element in any democratic society because it has its finger on the pulse of all social issues.

Perhaps Mr. Lauzon has been an MP for too long and has become complacent.  He has certainly become inured with projecting his party line to the degree he totally ignores the reality of local issues that confront him.

The Federal Conservative Party has fallen so far away from its plethora of pre-election reform platforms that it is no longer possible to identify it with a party making a multitude of promises for political change – changes that most of us believed would enhance our political structures.  Today the Conservative Party is all about power, power and even more power.

Just briefly looking at the scenario surrounding the Senate tells us all.  Without doubt the Senate needs to be reformed – and retained. However, to make it a government approval body is totally unacceptable. Despite the overtures of certain ex-Liberals in the local NDP bleating that the Senate should be abolished, our Senate needs to be positioned as an excellent body for providing a second, and seasoned, look at that which the government of the day deems to be appropriate.

Regarding Mr. Lauzon, I have searched for something positive to attribute to him, a project that has brought new strengths to the area.  Sadly, I am unable to discover anything of significance and that tells its own story of how ineffective our present MP has been.  The one big issue before everyone in this community is the resolution of the international bridge. In this situation neither Mr. Lauzon nor the Conservative government can see this as being as important as building a new arena in the Atlantic Provinces.  In his snub of Cornwall’s mayor, Minister Vic Teows has stated quite clearly that, in the government’s opinion – seemingly upheld by Mr. Lauzon – the citizens of this area count for nothing.  Is it any wonder young folk have given up on our form of democracy?   Sad, indeed very sad.

Mr Lauzon has followed in the path of his chosen political party and, possibly, could even fall with his party at the next call for a federal election.  We, the electorate of this area, certainly need change if we are to move ahead. It is time to make sure we count!

John E. Milnes – South Stormont Ontario

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  1. Very well said Mr.Milnes, He won’t get my vote.

  2. I thought by the headline I would find out something new about the MP, but it fell quickly to a bash the conservatives posting.

    I would have liked to read about some of the issues you have with him and possible solutions.

  3. He definitely will NEVER get my vote again either!

  4. grimalot, are you old enough to vote?

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