The Cornwall Free News number two in Cornwall Ontario Newspaper rankings ( Where are you spending your Advertising and Promotional dollars? – March 22, 2010

So where have you been advertising your business, service, or organization?    The latest ALEXA numbers are out and The Cornwall Free News is the number two newspaper online in Cornwall Ontario!

From Alexa

Based on internet averages, is visited more frequently by females who are in the age range 35-44, have no children, are graduate school educated and browse this site from work.

It pays to support local business and we’re the only locally owned newspaper and radio station in Cornwall Ontario. While we serve the world, Cornwall is home!   For more information on our amazing rates for our non-consumable advertising and promotional services contact us today at or via our hotline 613.361.1755

Cornwall Online Newspaper Statistics via

1)  The Standard Freeholder – World Ranking 165,232 Canada Ranking 4,118

2) The Cornwall Free News – World Ranking 1,126,590 Canada Ranking 47,150

3) Seaway News – World Ranking 2, 224,018 Canada Ranking 70,844

Le Joural de Cornwall’s stats are for all of the company’s newspapers (30) and not just for Le Journal.

4) le Joural de Cornwall World Ranking 1,910,166 Canada Ranking 197,417

Shop Local, Buy Local, Advertise Local!

And don’t forget to our new local radio station !


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  2. Well done Jamie. Your paper has a really good balance between current events, entertainment, opinion and well written and informed columnists.

  3. Happy to join the team.

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