CCRI Congratulates Local Efforts – Raisin Region Conservation Authority – Steward Bags – Cornwall Ontario – March 27, 2010

CCRI Director Tom Manley presents a recognition certificate to Josée Lemieux-Bailey and Greg Bailey, co-owners of the local company Steward Bags.

Cornwall, ON – The Cornwall Carbon Reduction Initiative (CCRI) recognized two local champions combating climate change at their annual general meeting today.

CCRI Vice-Chair Brenda Wilson presents a recognition certificate to Roger Houde, General Manager of Raisin Region Conservation Authority.

The Raisin Region Conservation Authority (CCRI) received an award for their tree planting programs.  In 2009, the RRCA planted more than 75,000 trees throughout the region.  These trees will help to create and maintain habitat, stabilize shorelines, prevent soil erosion, improve air quality, and sequester carbon dioxide throughout their lifetimes.

Receiving the second award for the evening were Josée Lemieux-Bailey and Greg Bailey, co-owners of a local company, Steward Bags.  The company produces 100% organic cotton woven bags that replace plastic produce bags.  They have sold approximately 18,000 bags, primarily within the Cornwall region, resulting in up to one million fewer plastic bags sent to landfill every year.

“This is the second year we have run our Champion awards and we received even more nominations this year,” said CCRI Chair Naresh Bhargava.  “Today, we are pleased to celebrate the efforts of Steward Bags and Raisin Region Conservation Authority, who demonstrate great community leadership in adopting sustainable practices and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.”

Founded in 2006, the Cornwall Carbon Reduction Initiative is a grassroots organization dedicated to providing outreach and education activities about climate change and greenhouse gas reduction.  To learn more about the CCRI and its programming, visit their website at

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  1. Did I hear correctly on the radio this week that the CCRI was denied funding by Cornwall City Council?

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