Letter to the Editor – Darlene Jalbert “SAY WHAT YOU MEAN, MEAN WHAT YOU SAY MCGUINTY!!” Cornwall Ontario – March 27, 2010

Dear Editor


Will this Provincial Liberal government ever learn that your word is worth something in this world?

This budget once again shows us that what Dalton says during election time is not at all what you can expect once elected.  In 2004 he introduced the Health premium of up to $900; this was after promising in the 2003 campaign not to raise taxes.  But he said it was needed to give us a better health care system , this tax would reduce wait times and ensure that we had doctors, and were able to keep our hospitals open.

Well here in Cornwall we just laid off staff at our hospital, closed 18 beds and wait times are not reduced, and many folks do not have a doctor.  This budget gives a 1.5% increase to health care, not even near enough to cover inflation, as a result we will see more cuts to our hospital, but we will continue to pay the health tax.

In the last election he said, he wouldn’t raise taxes on families because he has a family with a house and a van and he understands what family is!  Hmmm and now we have the HST!  Make no mistake, even with his bribe rebate cheques that will be issued(right before the next election), FAMILIES WILL PAY MORE!!  It will costs us more for many things, and not just luxury items, I am talking about things like home heating, putting gas in your car to go to work, using the internet, haircuts, and the list goes on and on!  This is happening at the worst possible time, when we are fighting our way out of a recession, and many are out of work!

Then there is the deficit.  The budget forecasts a deficit of $19.7 billion in the 2010, and anticipates Ontario will run deficits for the next seven years, talk about leaving our children a legacy of debt!!  I never thought it possible but Mr. McGuinty continues to break the deficit record of the Rae Days!!

Bottom line of this budget, If you’re out of work, you’re still out of luck.  If you don’t have a workplace pension, you’re still in limbo.  If you’re worried about the state of local healthcare in the wake of service and staffing cuts, there’s reason to worry even more!

Darlene Jalbert – NDP Federal Candidate

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  1. Putting more money into health care will not fix the problems. I have posted before that there are 14 local health networks in Ontario & therefor an additional layer of adminsitration taking money away from front line services as one example. But it always lets scare the public into giving more money by closing beds than address the issues.

    You are right about the HST, more items will be taxed than this month, even medicine for our pets.

    The only thing close to helping taxpayers as a group in this budget was the feeble attempt at government limiting pay raises. Yes we need some government services, but many individuals do not get raises each year or have solid pensions when they stop working. A 2 year freeze is not that bad.
    Oh, and the minimum wage goes to 10.25 (or 10.50 maybe) at the end of the month, small shops will need to pass that on to consumers because margins are slim as it is.

    Keep on fighting

  2. If you are making $150-200,000 annually, you don’t mind having your salary frozen for a couple of years. At the same time you wouldn’t care about paying the HST on all the rest of the items that are presently not taxed. Take the pensioner who gets approximately $1000 per month and you will see that the HST will impact on their spending. They CANNOT afford it! If the government thinks that $12,000 a year is enough for an old age pensioner, then why don’t they give the MP’s that same salary? What is supposed to be good for the goose should be good enough for the gander!

  3. He is called McFibber for a reason. And, with an election in 2011, I sure hope the masses remember the lies. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. McFibber is a conservative in Liberal clothing. Bob Rae was a Liberal in NDP clothing. Fortunately, Darlene is an NDP’er who truly gives a dam about the quality of life for the average Joe.

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