Coronation Street Actress Sue Cleaver Charged with Drunk Driving ( Eileen Grimshaw) Cornwall Ontario – March 31, 2010

Photo Attribution: D Johnston

Cornwall ON – Coronation Street actress Sue Cleaver (Eileen Grimshaw) has been charged with DUI in the UK.  Irony is that her on screen son Jason (actor Ryan Thomas) is in court for a similar charge days after herself.


Coronation Street actress Susan Cleaver has been charged with drink-driving in Greater Manchester, police confirmed.

The 46-year-old, who plays the Street’s taxi operator Eileen Grimshaw, was stopped near her home in Northenden in the early hours of Monday.

Those wild and crazy Corrie actors.    Bruce Jones is trying to get cleaned up so that he can appear in the 50th anniversary season; Bev Callard suffered a bit of a breakdown after losing her pub, and there’s a race it seems by some of the younger actresses (Michelle Keegan)  to see who can get the bigger breast augmentation surgery.

What do you think Canada?

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  1. Always unpredictable in make-believe and in real life.Right on.

  2. Hope Actor Sue Cleaver has learned her lesson. I wonder why she chose to drink while drunk? There’s usually a reason that people, high-profile or regular people, drink then drive. Something’s amiss in their personal lives. She’s one of my fav. Corrie St. actors.

  3. The law is the same for everyone, even Eileen. To not charge her would have been discrimination. Sorry Eileen but c’est la vie! Incidentally, I’ve been a Corrie fan since it’s inception many years ago.

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