Guergis Aide Caught Posting Under Pseudonym Defending MP – UPDATE- Internet Anonymity Exposed – Cornwall Ontario – March 31, 2010

Cornwall ON – Net Anonymity.  It’s a hot topic in many circles.  You know that smell on some beaches, that fishy smell of life changing to the stuff of food?   That’s the Eau to Helena Guergis at the moment after the embattled and diva tantrum throwing  MP has seen her Assistant outed for writing Letters to the Editor on her behalf with a pseudonym.   According to the story Ms Guergis knew nothing about the actions.  Hmm….

Recently we’ve had this discussion here at the Cornwall Free News and have a firm policy that those affiliated with the topic of a story cannot post under a pseudonym and must disclose their identities if leaving a comment.

We choose this policy because the integrity of our newspaper, and more importantly, the integrity of the discussion from the public is very important to us as we respect you, our viewers immensely.


Embattled MP Helena Guergis told the House of Commons that she had no idea her executive assistant was writing letters to editors of local newspapers supporting her, using a different name.

The junior minister’s aide, Jessica Craven, offered a formal apology. Craven said she didn’t tell Guergis about the letters until Tuesday ¬ when QMI Agency used a cellphone number to track her down as the author.

“Your shortsighted and futile attempt to disrespect MP Guergis in order to advance your own political career only reaffirms the reason that voters placed their confidence in her the last election,” the letter says.

Hmm…makes you wonder about some of what you read in newspapers and on websites, huh?   So dear valued reader I hope you understand our policy, and why we implemented it.   There’s nothing wrong with an opinion from the public, but when a party connected directly to a story responds or is in the media they should let those that read those comments know.  At least in this humble scribblers opinion.

What do you think Canada?  Feel free to post in our poll.

Do you think Helena Guergis knew of any of the letters or posts in support of her from her staffers that were submitted to Magazines and other media sources?

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It looks like this was not an isolated incident.   LINK

A long-time spokesperson of Minister Helena Guergis insists there was no conflict of interest when she wrote a glowing letter to Maclean’s about her boss—but failed to identify herself as the MP’s employee.

Valerie Knight, who has worked for Guergis for three and a half years in her Alliston constituency office, says it never crossed her mind to disclose their affiliation when she sent a letter to the editor on Mar. 14. The letter was written in response to the Maclean’s article “Power couple, unplugged,”about Guergis and her husband, former MP Rahim Jaffer,

Wow.   I’m going to take the 7 days or less option before Ms Guergis “resigns” her minister’s role.    Shame on you Helena.

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  1. Desperation time for the Tacky Gang

  2. Author

    I kinda feel sorry for Ms. Guergis, but she was doomed anyway. At best she would’ve stayed until the next shuffle.

  3. Not sure why anyone would feel sorry for Guergis. From what I’ve read, she has a history of being abusive to her staff, and even others in her own party. Hard to imagine how she ever got elected in the first place.

  4. It was probably the Pastafarians who elected her.

  5. You’re pushin’ it Anti. Arrrr…

  6. She is just acting the way the Reform Party members acts. Remember Joe Clark, he sat as an independent, not a Conservative. Hind sight is 20/20. Open your eyes folks.

  7. I heard someone talking about the merging of the Reformers with the Prog-Cons. He said that if you take a quart of really good ice cream, and mix into it a quart of dog-poop, you end up with two quarts of dog-poop. That seems to be what we have.

  8. Vivid analogy, Furtz. And did you know that the current PMO has been re-christened /recalibrated as the Poop Management Office? You heard it first here.

  9. Author

    Good gosh you guys are starting to sound an awful lot like Conservatives……

  10. Just a minute, admin–when did you last come across a Harperite with a ready wit or sense of humour? And I mean a sense of humour, not a taste for mean-spirited sarcasm.

  11. There is a big difference between a Progressive and a Reformer. Me, I’m a Pasta-Man, and don’t have a lot of use for either of them. It’s too late for the PMO Poop Management Team (PMOPMT) to extract themselves from the septic mire. Too bad there isn’t an opposition party for which to vote.

  12. Author

    Hi PJR. I’m sure they exist; they just aren’t allowed to speak in public….geez now you have me sounding mean and a tad juvenile….

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