Letter to the Editor Clifford Olson Should not Qualify For Old Age Security Pension – Earle Macpherson – Cornwall Ontario – April 1, 2010

Regarding the Old Age Security pension that Child Killer Clifford Olson is receiving he should be made to pay it all back.All future payments should be Terminated.The cost to keep this monster incarcerated is more than the
allowable amount for law abiding pensioners to collect.   It costs Corrections Canada $110,223 to keep a male inmate in a maximum-security institution for a year.  Medium -and minimum-security inmates cost more than $70,000 a year

Note – Pensioners with an individual net income above $66,733 must repay part or all of the maximum Old Age Security pension amount. The repayment amounts are normally deducted from their monthly payments before they
are issued. The full OAS pension is eliminated when a pensioner’s net income is $108,090 or above.

Considering that Clifford Olson has spent close to 50 of his 70 years of life  in one prison or another, and that he’s likely to die in prison, it seem ludicrous he’d be entitled to benefits he doesn’t need, doesn’t deserve and hasn’t earned.

Earle Macpherson – Cornwall,On

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