So I’ve Decided to Join the Conservative Party of Canada and Give my full Support to our MP Guy Lauzon – APRIL 1 – 2010 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – After many long minutes of hard thought and consideration; not too mention a few Gin & Tonics, and listening to some CBC overnight radio; and with the support of my family and friends I’ve decided to go blue.

I’ve weighed.

I’ve considered.

I’ve closed my eyes and clicked my heels together and decided to toss my support to our area MP and all around great guy Mr. Guy Lauzon.

His stoic silence in the face of maelstrom.   His snappy, smooth appearance, and his personally calming effect I think may be the solution for me.

If you’re this far into the post HAPPY APRIL FOOLS DAY!!

So are you playing any April Fool’s jokes today?  Had a good one pulled on you?  Share your favorite April Fools story below!

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  1. lol Jamie.

  2. Besides the date, deciding to go blue after listening to the CBC is a big clue.

  3. You got me!
    I don’t know what made me think you were capable of such rational thinking. But, if ” stoic silence in the face of maelstrom, snappy, smooth appearance, and his personally calming effect” in your words explains what your looking for in an MP? Well that says it all.
    Happy fools day Jamie. Enjoy your day!

  4. Author

    Thank you kindly Dave. I’d like to think our MP has a sense of humour too; somewhere in his package of talents and tools. It’s a shame he won’t speak to myself or to quote him “anyone that works for the Cornwall Free News.” 🙂

    Happy April Fools Day to all!

  5. Good one, Jamie. Trust you were wearing boots when you clicked heels. GL won’t speak to CFN coz he’s a scaredy cat under orders. Sense of humour? Tried him on this at the coffee urn at a meeting in Chesterville a while back. He looked, as you say, snappy and smooth, wearing a bright orange tie….well, yes, pants, shirt and a blazer too. Making conversation, as he poured himself a cup, I said cheerily…”Hello Guy, nice tie…thinking of switching parties?” Oh dear, faux pas, Robertson.

  6. Welcome to our Party Jamie. BTW – If you want an interview with one of my assistants, they can put in a good word for me and, maybe even you (but probably not given what Lauzon has told me about you) and they will do it anonymously. Got you, you April Fool.
    H.G.(alias anonymous)

  7. Actually, clicking heels is a German thing. Remember during the Second World War when saluting with their “Heil Hitler” the officers would click their heels at the same time. It’s a Nazi thing and now Jamie is Sieg Heiling Mr.Lauzon. Are you inferring something Jamie?

  8. Author

    Yes, Stan, that you never watched the Wizard of Oz…..

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