Montreal Canadiens and Jaroslav Halak Shut out Flyers – Flames keep Hope Alive – NHL SCORES – Cornwall Ontario – April 3, 2010

Cornwall ON – Being in the NHL isn’t about “learning”.  It’s about winning and sipping from Lord Stanley’s Cup.   It’s not about getting to the play-offs.  It’s about being last man standing.

Good teams find ways to win.  Good players find ways to make teams good.

Last night the Montreal Canadiens were good enough.   They got the first goal and rode their goalie and defensive style home in their 1-0 shut out win.   It may not be exciting, but there are a whole lot excuses to give the morning after if you get the W and they did exactly that beating a team they’re fighting for a play off sport with.   If the Habs had lost they’d be in the cat seat that Philadelphia is waiting to see if Atlanta can catch them or not.

Calgary is still clinging to hope and put a W in the column to keep their dream alive with their 2-1 win over Colorado.


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