MP Shelly Glover to possibly Replace embattled MP Helena Guergis?? – Cornwall Ontario – April 3, 2010

Cornwall ON – So could this be the replacement for embattled Minister Helena Guergis?    Viewers meet MP Shelly Glover.   Stories are hitting Canadian media this weekend floating her as replacement for Helena Guergis.

MP Glover has an interesting and compelling biography and is not your usual MP.

Until her election, Mrs. Glover served as a member of the Winnipeg Police Service for almost 19 years. She had a diverse career in a variety of positions including but not limited to undercover work, child abuse investigations, youth crime and gang investigations, general patrol and she was the first ever female and bilingual spokesperson appointed by her department. She is a patrol sergeant presently on a leave of absence to pursue positive change in politics. Mrs. Glover is an Anglophone who participated in the very first French Immersion program west of Ontario and graduated with a high level of proficiency in the French language. She continued her education at the University of Winnipeg where she studied Justice and Law Enforcement until she began her employment with the Winnipeg Police Service.

Mrs. Glover is a proud Métis woman who has been a very active community member with affiliations to several non-profit organizations such as: Big Sisters, Pregnancy Distress, Habitat for Humanity Women Build, the Business and Professional Women`s Association, the University Women’s Club of Winnipeg, the International Association of Women Police, the Francophone Chamber of Commerce, the Manitoba Métis Federation, Conseil Elzear Goulet and the Beausejour New Arena Planning Committee. She is also a dedicated advocate for victims of crime, women and children.

Even with the scandal it sounds like Ms Glover will make an improvement if Mr. Harper chooses to go this route.  Sometimes good things come from bad.

What do you think Canada?  Post your comments below.

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  1. Scandal? What scandal?

  2. There are two Stan. That would be Ms Guergis blowing up at the female attendant at Air Canada and of course her staffers writing to media in her support without clearly identifying themselves.

    Hope that answers your question.

  3. King Stephen would never promote a strong woman like Shelly Glover to a cabinet position.

  4. Believe it or not, I have a lot of respect for Shelly Glover, even if she does belong to the wrong party. She had a really rough upbringing as a child, and has managed to overcome that, and has had an amazing career as a mother of five kids, a police officer in Winnipeg, and now an elected MP. This woman has the smarts and ‘nads that most of us can only dream about.

  5. It is interesting Furtz. She’s a goldmine for a party as a candidate with a lot of potential and upside. I’ve put in a request to interview her and it will be interesting to see if Mr. Harper muzzles her or gives her a chance to speak with us.

  6. Unfortunately, I doubt that Harper would ever allow any “junior” MP to speak without a pre-approved script. If you do get a chance to talk to Ms Glover, give her my best wishes.

  7. Jamie, I hope she gives you some time. She is the type of person we need in politics. It’s refreshing to have someone who cares.

  8. I hope you’re wrong Furtz. We have never “Mike Wallaced” any guest on our radio show or newspaper. I am a full believer in hospitality and if I’m going to have an aggressive or confrontational interview I let the person know in advance.

    Live by Fair Dinkum I say.

  9. There are 3 scandals Jamie. Don’t forget that scandal of a husband she has, Jaffer. Guy got away with DUI, Racing, and having COCAINE in his possession! Strings had to be pulled somewhere for him to get away with a 500 dollar fine and no criminal record over that whole debacle!

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