Cornwall Ontario City Councilor Syd Gardiner on Healthcare in Cornwall, The Airport & Waterfront – April 6, 2010

Cornwall ON – If you click Cornwall Ontario City Councilor Syd Gardiner’s picture above you can listen to our near hour long interview.     Syd has a passion for a subject that I do and that’s Medicare and saving the system.

We talked about how the cut backs at the Cornwall Hospital are Voodoo Economics that simply are going to cause hardship for residents of the area by forcing them to travel to Ottawa or elsewhere for treatments that should be done here in Cornwall; especially after the community came to the plate and wrote the cheques to pay for the new hospital.

Why should pacemaker patients have to travel when we have the services right here?  And recovering from a heart attack, stroke, or joint replacement surgery is stressful enough without having to juggle going to Ottawa and risking catching the latest super bug there.

We also talked about the difficulties in expanding the Cornwall Airport and the jobs expected to arrive, as well as the waterfront of Cornwall and its future.

Syd also shared a not so secret that he’ll be running again for Council.     He also said that if enough of you post in the poll below he’ll join us again on in a few weeks.

Should Ontario be Farming out our Local Cornwall Medical Services to an Already Overburdened Ottawa Medical system?

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  1. With about 40% of Ontario’s revenue going to health care, can we not look at other methods? If numbers here warrant, have a roving team here one day and Brockville another, then Ottawa the rest of the week.
    That is not the only way, but things like that should be investigated.

  2. Eric until Medicare reform is embraced and costs reworked all the system is set up to do is add or cut dollars. We need a political movement to force our elected officials to reform health, drug, and insurance policies in our country.

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