Letter to the Editor – Kevin Rivette – Cornwall Ontario – Easter Monday Thoughts of the Troops – April 6, 2010

An Easter Monday I will never forget!   Letter to the Editor from Kevin Rivette.

While I was enjoying the festivities with my children and wife over the Easter Weekend, out of the blue I received a short text message from a family member of a Canadian Solider, might I add a Cornwallite , who’s son just returned from his call of duty.

Not to public knowledge, let’s just say, some of our boys from Cornwall and I won’t mention any numbers or comment on anything else are leaving over the next few months for a mission. What shocked me was the fact that the family members asked me to be a part of this ceremony and considered me to be amongst them, part of their military family and their personal family sharing the difficulties of sending a loved one off, be it a husband, father, son , grandson , nephew and even in some cases a grandfather. Deeply moved, touched, and honored that they would make me a part of this private ceremony and for that, I wish to thank them for sharing this day with them.

So if it was so private why do you write about it. I write about it because far often in our society, we seem to let the politics and our own political views affect the way that we see these families. Because their loved ones are chosen to accomplish a mission and do a job, an occupation that they have chosen , we often see them in a different light and this is based on our personal beliefs and what we feel about the mission and I will not discuss this either as this is left to personal interpretation.

What I realized yesterday, is that these folks are going through so much more than I nor anyone could ever imagine. Millions of thoughts are going thought their minds, questions often will never be answered and they are left in a big cloud of uncertainty for their loved ones and their families. If you had been in the room, the expressions on the faces of these young men and women, as well as the ones of their loved ones caused me to reflect quite a big last evening.

I thought of the couple that was just married and had a young child. I saw a father who walked and spent every moment with his toddler child who just started to walk and a wife who loves her husband more than life itself and knows he has to do this, does not question him nor his love for her, but is unselfishly putting her needs aside and her worries to support her husband because he has a job to do , and he must do it.  I want to tell her what a hell of an example that she is giving to all married couples and those who often wish to give up on their relationships and often we should lead by her example. The second was another soldier who was alone as his family was too far to be with him. I say to him, you are never alone my brother in arms as you have an incredible brothers in arms that are beside you all the way. Lean on to them. Maybe the next time you see someone who is alone ( in a nursing home or a neighbor) go out of your way to make time for them and tell them you are thinking of them.

For the past several months, its’ been a privilege to work with the members of my community and their leaders to promote the Support Our Troops initiative. Today, I call upon everyone to be a support to these families. The friends that are close to them are bounded by silence or “classified information” if you wish, but don’t be scared to tell a solider the next time you see him/her  in uniform how much their sacrifices and actions are appreciated. Not for the mission. Not for our political or socialistic views, but because they are just doing their jobs. For the mothers and fathers husbands and wives, sons and daughters who they too are struggling with anxiety, emotions and need a simple hand up not a hand out, lend it to them and support them. Might I ad often to society a thankless job, that far too often we take for granted to not only the military but to the police officers, firefighters, ambulance workers and so many more that call to public service and that keep our society safe, secure and free. To them I wish to personally THANK YOU ! Be Proud and God Bless you all!

I have made a link on my Project Goodbye Adieu- Raising Money while making a difference. Facebook web pagehttp://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=46946139047&ref=mf site. You can leave a comment if you wish to these soldiers and their families, so that they might know that this community, although not seen as a military one, might know that we do care. If you chose to make a comment, then I invite you to do so. Leave a note of encouragement to these families while still respecting their privacy. And for those who know who they are in their close family circles, then lend them a friendly support in knowing that this community is sharing with them in their time of need and friendship.

Kevin Rivette –  Cornwall Ontario

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  1. Kevin, thank you for a well thought-out article, it certainly made my day. I think we all know that we owe all of our military, serving in Afghanistan or elsewhere, a huge debt of gratitude. It is because of them that so many people benefit. Thank you Boys for a job well-done! We salute you!

  2. Excellent letter, Mr. Rivette. Everyone supports our men and women in uniform, no question. It’s wrong-headed politicians who so often put their lives at risk in wrong-headed missions–see Barbara Tuchman on Vietnam in The March of Folly.

  3. Thank you PJR for mentioning women in uniforms. Although I was touched by Kevin’s article I was disturbed by his omission of female soldiers. Wives, mothers, daughters, granddaughters, nieces and even grandmothers. Oh! lets not forget Sisters in Arms. Thank You JFG

  4. Most welcome, JFG. Thank you for your courtesy.

  5. Dear PJR and JFG.

    I would like to applogize for not responding sooner but just to let you both know. It was totally a mistake on my part but if you please note that I did not forget to mention this in my article. I did mention in their wives, daugthers and related to this. I can assure you I would never and did never forget all females who proudly wear the uniform as they too deserve a lot of credit as well. I hope that the people who truely know me and that understand my passion in my works and recognition for the Support our Troops vision know that I am very unbias in this matter. The whole reason that I even started this mission is by the love of a silver cross mother for his son! I think that sums it up quite well. Thank you all for you very kind words. It is my pleasure, it is my priviledge. Now you too can be beacons of light in this dream, so pass this on!!!

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