Ministry Explains Pardon After Outrage at Convicted Hockey Coach Graham James Received Pardon in 2007 –

Cornwall ON – Convicted Hockey Coach Graham James has been given a pardon it appears and even has been coaching Hockey in Spain according to media reports.

James who spent time in over 3 years in jail for his abuse of young hockey players including former NHL’ers Theo Fleury and Sheldon Kennedy apparently was paroled in 2007.

LINK After initial media reports were recently printed an interview discussed why the coach was pardoned.

James was one of 14,748 Canadians given a pardon in 2006-07, while 103 people were refused, according to government records.

In light of that pardons process, Public Safety Minister Vic Toews said the federal government will look at giving the National Parole Board more “direction.”

According to statements a pardon only changes where the information is located on a persons record and doesn’t remove the crime, but victims of Mr. James still are not happy.

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  1. WHATT? Why in God’s name is Canada giving out so many pardons – in particular to pedophiles? Doesn’t anyone in that country have any clue as to how pedophiles operate? Doesn’t the Parole Board know that pedophiles cannot be stopped or cured and that they abuse again and again?

    Now the Winnipeg Free Press is reporting that James may have legally changed his name, which would then make it impossible for anyone to check his criminal record.

    I mean, really, who’s minding the store up there in Canada? Time to get tough on your child molesters. Because right now, they’re taking advantage of Canada’s ridiculously liberal laws.

  2. We don’t know whats going on with our Justice system or government either. So I’m scratching my head just as much as you are.

  3. Maybe he’s a Catholic. They seem to be cool with this type of behaviour.

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