Lorna Foreman on her Way to British Columbia – Day One – Cornwall Ontario – April 7, 2010

Cornwall ON –  Artist & Writer Lorna Foreman is on a cross country odyssey  en route to British Columbia on Via Rail.  Here is her first missive:

Day 1

wow – I am actually on my way.,  It seemed as though I’d never get to this point.  There was one aborted start – fly one way and return by train but I do not like flying so decided to go both ways by train,

Two friends, Michael and David saw me off at the station in Cornwall on the way to Toronto where I would be boarding the famous Canadian train all the way to Vancouver.  We boarded late in the evening and I hit the bed right away,  bed being a lower birth.  I have done this trip befire but I was 25 years younger and did not recently have a hip replacement so it will be interesting to see how I fare.  It will also be interesting to be away from telephones, emails, TVs, cell phones – a time to do some journaling and using the old fashioned pencil keep  record of this trip.  Prior to boarding I took myself out to dinner at the Royal York having never eaten there in the many years I lived in Toronto.  Won’t do that again but it was fun,

Train travel – I think it is so romantic yet here I am alone – but I really mean romantic in the old fashioned way – an adventure on the rails, seeing new places, new people and being engulfed by the spectacle that is Canada,  Every Canadian should have to make this trip at least once.  Even the Prairies are wonderful in their own way.

Sleeping on a train is incredible and the only thing better is sleeping on a boat at anchor in a safe harbour …but that is another story…it is a feeling from childhood being gently rocked to sleep.

Let’s hope tomorrow brings some interesting people.  If I don’t like them I will tell them I need to work….or read.

Why am I such a train nut?  When I was 3 we moved to Vancouver by train.  We returned, just after the war when I was 6.  Apparently I was a flirt even at that age and I attached myself to a serviceman who assured my mother that I was not bugging him.  I guess  not because he got me a locket in Winnipeg.  That did it.  I was hooked,..mind you no one has bought me a locket since that time but I live in hope.

Lorna Foreman

We’ll be getting more photos and reports from Ms Foreman as her adventures unfold!

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