Habs Fail to Clinch, Lose to Islanders in Shoot Out – Flames Extinguished – Mike Fisher Scores 2 leading Sens over Panthers – Cornwall Ontario – April 7, 2010

Cornwall ON- Intensity.   It’s what makes for Stanley Cups.   The regular season is a gruelling, and sometimes mundane race to the start of the second season.    That’s when boys truly show that they are men and men show that they still have the testicular fortitude to be champions.

Les Boys missed a chance to clinch their play off spot last night.

Far too often teams that “on paper” are amazing fizzle in the play offs.   Sometimes it’s the make up of a team and sometimes it’s just that their names are Joe Thornton.

The Montreal Canadiens lost to the New York Islanders last night 4-3 in the shoot out in what looked to be an unremarkable effort by many of the Habs players.    If this is what they bring to the table come round one of the play offs golf shall be their activity very shortly.

Maxim Lapierre, Tomas Plekanec, and Brian Gionta found the back of the net in the loss.

The Leafs were shut out by Philly, and the Flames have been extinguished for the season.   It may be the end of the Sutter era or there probably will be a big move coming up.   They lost to SJ 2-1.

Ottawa knocked off the Panthers 5-2 with Mike Fisher scoring two goals.


It should be interesting to see what happens in the off season regarding the futures of Phoenix and apparently Dallas.    Rumours and rumbles about Wayne Gretzky owning a team are rampant on the web.  Some of them sound like they have more merit than others, but I wonder if Gretz will coach again.

Surely the Yotes improvement this season has to most be attributable to better coaching as it sure hasn’t been because of Peter Prucha or Robert Lang?

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