Passenger forgotten on Air Canada Plane – Wakes up in Vancouver Hanger – Frugal Airline offers him 20% off coupon for his troubles – Cornwall Ontario – April 7, 2010

Cornwall ON – Oops, forgot one!   It seems an Air Canada passenger woke up from a deep sleep to realize that he’d been forgotten.   He’d fallen asleep and the crew didn’t notice him.   The plane was in the hanger and he was alone for over 60 minutes.

Disgruntled and disoriented he later was able to comment.   Frugal Air Canada offered him a measly coupon for 20% off for his troubles with some standard gobbly gook answer.


He says he’s not satisfied with the airline’s explanation that the flight attendant was dealing with several wheelchair passengers and didn’t check the rest of the cabin.

“It’s absolute craziness,” said 31-year-old Kris Lines, head of sports law at Staffordshire University.

Sounds like he wasn’t satisfied with the compensation and I can’t say as I blame him.   Do you feel safer now flying AC after an incident like this?

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  1. Air Canada is still a great airline even though it lags WestJet.

  2. How can you forget someone on board? I think this situation is ludicrous. There must exist a procedure in the Flight Attendants Manual that instructs them to walk thru the cabin before the plane is put to bed. Failing that, the towtruck driver could do a walkthru too and check that everything is okay inside the plane once parked. Imagine if this passenger had woken in the middle of the night and fell down the stairs. He could have been gravely injured, The compensation offered is measly if not downright cheap!
    The minimum compensation offered should have been a free ticket to anywhere Air Canada flies.

  3. they should have charged him extra

  4. He probably had too many drinks.

  5. Isn’t this a major security breach?

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