Eastern Ontario Seeing the Green as Green Energy Leader – Premier Dalton McGuinty Makes MAJOR Announcement – Cornwall Ontario – April 9, 2010 VIDEO

Cornwall ON – There was a press conference at Quinn’s Inn yesterday in St. Andrews.    Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty made some major announcements that will lead to some major investment in Eastern Ontario.

MPP Jim Brownell had a lot to smile about as did Cornwall Ontario Mayor Bob Kilger who is getting more and more to smile about in this election year.

Premier McGuinty shared that nearly one third of the Green projects slated are to be in Eastern Ontario with a potential impact of over $9 billion dollars in private sector investment which is hoped to create 20, 000 Green Energy Jobs, and enough power to feed over 600,000 homes in Ontario.

Ontario is quickly becoming a leader in Green Energy and is the top ten in with industry larger than that of the US states of Texas and Florida.

Representatives from Northland Power, Mann Engineering, eff Solar, and Penn Energy Trust were present as well as many other dignitaries.


We’re going to be doing a follow up to this story shortly and are hoping to get someone from the government to drop onto Seawayradio.com to talk about all of these Green developments for the area.

Going Green makes good sense; for Ontario, and for all of us.   What do you think Canada?  Post your comments below.

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  1. Going green at what cost? Eastern Ontario has some of the best farmland in Canada, will this be taken over by wind and solar? Some of these Farmers have skills that will be lost to future generations.

    I still can not get my head around the Taxpayer giving 80 cents / KWH to Samsung and other groups, for electricity that we currently pay under 20 for.

  2. This is the smokescreen to get us to forget that the HST is coming fast. With their $9 Billion investment in Easter Ontario how much do you think that translates into HST dollars back into provincial coffers? Damn you Fiberals!

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