Public Invited to SDSG Liberal Association Policy Committee to hold Meeting in Crysler Ontario Wednesday April 14, 7-9 PM – Candidate Bernadette Clement in Attendence.

Public Meeting

The SDSG Federal Liberal Association Policy Committee is holding a public meeting in Crysler, on WednesdayApril 14, 2010 from7 to 9 p.m. at Tony’s at 9 Queen Street.

Bernadette Clement, Liberal candidate in the next election, will also attend this meeting and will listen to citizens on issues relating to health care, pensions, agriculture, environment and any other important issues for rural areas.

You are invited to participate and express yourself freely at this meeting.

Assemblée publique

Le Comité des politiques de l’Association libérale fédérale de SDSG tient une assemblée publique à Crysler, mercredi le 14 avril 2010, de 19h00 à 21h00, chez Tony’s, 9, rue Queen.

Bernadette Clement, candidate libérale pour la prochaine élection, sera aussi présente pour écouter les besoins et les points de vue des citoyens sur des enjeux tels que les soins de santé, les pensions, l’agriculture, l’environnement, et tout autre enjeu important pour le secteur rural.

Vous êtes invités à participer à l’assemblée et à exprimer librement vos opinions.

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  1. Bernadette can you comment

    was at a meeting for one of Cornwall’s green teams a few years back. One of the members of the city told me the cogen station is piped in to the dump along number 2 highway. However I am inclined not to believe him. I travel that road regularly and the aroma emitted is living proof things are not as they are explained. Oh you can’t use rotting garbage, rot is one thing but decomposition is another. I have been around petrochemical enough to know what the difference is.

    This environmental stuff is getting out of hand. Would I recycle more, yes, most definitely but government must encourage industry to do the same.

    Someone mentioned plastic bags. Shopping bags are one of the worst. Now stores like Food Basics charge us for the bags. A question arises, how you can charge the public $0.05 for something that is already included in your operating budget. Misleading the public comes to mind.
    Home Depot does the same but by donations only and that money is used for building homes for the needy. What happens to the revenue gained before it is spent, does it add to a capital budget as a prediction of income? What about these new bags made from 100% recycled products, can they be recycled when their time comes?? Nope not at all

    P&G has or had a commercial where in a new product reduces the amount of trucks on the road due to better products in smaller boxes. This is a great step ahead, but what did the new product replace or did it just add another product line of deliverables.

    How many different sizes of the same product do we have in stores, take soda pop, I can recall a 6Oz bottle primarily used in bars, 10Oz bottle sole in vending machines and corner stores and the 26Oz for weekend hoo dingers. Look at the sizes we now have from mini cans and stubby bottles to mega size. Who is at fault for those choices the public? Also why are bottling companies not made to pick up the empties of everything they produce and cover recycling costs? If we do not hold them accountable they will not change

    People cannot be the sole solution to environmental issues. These business practices and others similar are what needs to be halted before there can be any form of better controls or reform on the environment.

    Garbage can be dealt with much better. Europe has been using practices like gasification for years. It is a cleaner way to deal with garbage and it also yields energy production as well as a byproduct which can be used in construction and gasses needed in other manufacturing processes. It is not purity but it is a hell of a lot better then current practices. The reason it is not so popular in Canada is politics and ignorance.

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