Tiger Woods Hits Golf Balls – Hits Ratings High -Masters Masters – Cornwall Ontario – April 9, 2010

Cornwall ON – Tiger Woods = Ratings = Money $$  – Well that’s not really a surprise.   Does anyone really believe that just because Tiger has a thing for the ladeez that he’d stop being able to Golf?

Isn’t it all really kinda hypocritical?  Betcha his endorsements go up after some of his latest ratings have been released.


Based on early numbers from ESPN, the network’s Thursday coverage is tracking to be the most-watched first-round ever.

Masters Round 1 delivered a 3.6 metered market average — up 50% from last year (2.4) and up 80% from 2008 (2.0). The 2009 tournament delivered 3.4 million viewers — the largest Thursday audience of all time for the Augusta tournament.

And that Ladies and Gentlemen is how the world turns.   Get the ratings and get the cheques.    Winning makes a lot of things forgivable.

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  1. Enough already–our cyber-saturated world is overdosed on tackiness. Time to lift our spirits with good stories, such as posted on another CFN thread by sigfus about joining his “geezer” friends on a day out together and stopping by on the way home to help deliver a calf. That was a down-to-earth nugget of a tale.

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