Elizabeth May Not Amused with Harper Government’s Attack on the Environment – Anti-Green Policy Creeping over Canada – Cornwall Ontario – April 10, 2010

Cornwall ON – Federal Green Party of Canada of Canada leader Elizabeth May is taking exception to Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s attacks on the Environment in what she calls an “Anti-Green” agenda.


“If this government’s policy goals were ever stated clearly, Canadians would be up in arms,” says May. “So they talk about ‘realistic’ targets, and ‘duplication.’ They are very careful to disguise the most anti-environmental agenda of any government ever.”

Then there was the recent retreat on climate change, promoted as an advance. After an under-whelming performance at Copenhagen in December, the Conservatives committed to reducing emissions by 17 per cent under 2005 levels to match U.S. targets — not acknowledging that this was a climb-down from the 20-per-cent reduction from 2006 levels they originally promised.

They haven’t even done the easier things, such as regulating water use by the tarsands or protecting caribou and other habitat around Fort McMurray.

Instead, they’ve ended a popular home retrofit program, cut funding for climate science, championed the seal hunt, allowed the continued export of asbestos, insisted on our right to harvest endangered fish species and, essentially, turned us into an international disgrace.

What do you think Canada?  Do we need to do more to help the Environment?  Is Green the future for renewable energy and jobs here in Canada?  Is the Harper Government shirking it’s responsibility to the future generations of Canadians for the short term gain of Oil Sands interests?   You may post your comments and thoughts below.

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  1. Of course Green is the future, admin. See how Europe is showing the way. It’s a no-brainer…trouble is we have people with no brains in charge.

  2. Hi PJR,

    I couldn’t agree with you more about the Greens being the future for Canada. 🙂

  3. Speaking of “allowed the continued export of asbestos”, that Manager, Malcolm McLaren, from the Sex Pistols just died of a cancer (Mesothelioma), which is almost specific to Asbestos. Interesting.

  4. PJR thats true……and look who voted them in…..

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