Malcolm McLaren – Passes away from Mesothelioma – Former Manager of The Sex Pistols, New York Dolls – Cornwall Ontario – April 10, 2010

Cornwall ON –  Malcolm McLaren, the man who brought us The Sex Pistols and a pillar of the British Punk Movement of the late 70’s and 80’s has died at the age of 64.  He also managed The New York Dolls.


The BBC’s creative director Alan Yentob said: “Without Malcolm, despite what people say, the punk era would never have been the kind of focus that it did become.

“Malcolm loved the idea of it and it was he, who, in a way, sold the idea to the public and understood what it meant.”

He said: “He was always ready to say something provocative.

“I think he famously said that his grandmother told him you needed to be a bad boy to survive – it was good to be bad. He wanted to shock and surprise you.”

Malcolm McLaren died of Mesothelioma in Switzerland earlier this week.  He’s being flown back to England for funeral.

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