Chinese Boy Sings Whitney Houston on Youtube. Strange and odd Quirky Music News – Cornwall Ontario – April 10, 2010

Cornwall ON – I gotta tell you we were looking at our site last night on a 52 inch screen tv and it was wild; especially some of the new HD video we have courtesy of KAV Productions.

So it’s late at night; the power meeting to talk about some of our future projects is over; and zany crazy creative people get up to odd things especially when fueled with adult substances.

One of our ace team said we had to watch this video on You Tube about the li’l chubby Chinese kid doing Whitney Houston; you know hitting those notes that she just can’t anymore.  I could just imagine Kevin Costner gazing deeply into this li’l guys eyes and red Bowtie…

I digress, for your viewing pleasure here it is:


Bewildering and weird this kid is probably going to be the new Subo.   The internet is an amazing tool that can bring the worst of culture and society to all of our homes.    We get fat Chinese boys singing Whitney Houston and China gets Sarah Palin.

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  1. I believe (just for accuracy’s sake) that it was a Chinese competition, but the young man is of Taiwanese decent.

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