Rock For Charity Packs Cafe Connectionz – Rock for Charity 2 scheduled for Friday April 16 – Cornwall Ontario

Jason Setnyk gave us the update on the first Rock for Charity event.

“50+ people attended Cornwall’s first ever Rock for Charity. Over $200 was raised for Tri County Literacy Council!! Ghandhi once said “be the change you want to see in the world”. Thanks to everyone who was a part of that change. Thanks to the bands, music fans, friends, volunteers, people from the media, and to the venue, you made this a really great event”

The second Rock for Charity is Friday April 16th 2010 @ Cafe Connectionz in Cornwall Ontario – All Ages/6:30pm load-in/7pm music starts/$5.

Bands/Musicans playing acoustic sets:

-Lost in Production

-Winston Marley

-Jason Setnyk

-Second Label

-Ewen McIntosh

Come early to see the legendary musican Ewen McIntosh and stay late for more great music!

The second Rock for Charity is a benefit for the Agape which helps clothe and feed Cornwall’s less fortunate. A guest speaker from the Agape is going to speak briefly at the show.

Rock for Charity is a monthly event created by Jason Setnyk to raise money and awareness for different local charities and non-profit organizations each month.

How does the fundraising work? 50% of the five dollar admission goes towards the charity, the other 50% goes towards the venue/pa. If you wanted to donate more than five dollars, 100% of any amount above the $5 minimum will go towards the charity. I hope that makes sense.

Come out and enjoy acoustic music, help a local charity, and enjoy great coffee and desserts at Cafe Connectionz! Hope to see you on Friday April 16th

Kudos to Jason Setnyk, Cafe Connectionz, and all those involved in making this series such a success!

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  2. Sorry shawn you are wrong. Reg Coffey has the best coffee. To try a cup, or buy freshly-roasted coffee beans and have them ground to perfection in front of you, stop in at Island Ink-Jet at 256 Pitt Street.

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