Cornwall Ontario City Council votes not to Demand “Rent” for Brookdale Avenue Temporary Border Crossing by Marina Restinetti – April 13, 2010

Cornwall ON – City counselor, Mary Ann Hug brought a motion to the table at last night’s city council meeting, proposing that the city of Cornwall charge the federal government a fee for using Brookdale Ave as their temporary port of entry. The fee: $10 thousand dollars a day.

Hug stressed that the temporary port of entry at the border has not only negatively impacted our traffic flow but has also caused local businesses an estimated 10 thousand dollars a day loss in revenue according to a voiced concern from the Chamber of Commerce.

Hug suggested that a fee be implemented to the federal government for using this land and stated, “Let’s hit the federal government in the pocket book. Let’s light a fire under them to get a resolution to this problem and an end to their temporary occupation of our Brookdale Ave.”

In a not-so supportive debate, councillor, Glen Grant went as far as to say that he believes it would be “ridiculous” to start charging the federal government rent. He also said that the people and businesses he spoke with aren’t losing money and are in fact are doing well.

He adds, “I would have to see proof and testimonials of that nature. Grant believes that working against the federal government would only prolong and complicate the issue further. “Let’s work together with our partners [federal government] instead of putting up road blocks and causing confrontation.”

Councillor André Rivette also thinks that the city should work together with the federal government. He believes that they understand our [city] frustrations and predicts that in the future, they may compensate the city by providing funding towards the infrastructure of our new low-level bridge.

The temporary port of entry has been stationed at the base of the bridge on Brookdale Ave since July 13 2009.



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  1. Work together with the federal government? This group does not play well with others. Good luck.

  2. It is a good idea to charge the government, as government is always quick to impliment change and charge citizens for the cahnge they made. hey in another perspective what is good for the goose is good for the gander.
    Why doesn’t council, and these stupid, stupid local politicians, address CBSA and propose a permanent location in the city? There is revenue to be made with that option; a showing that we as a community are willing to provide a solution and that there is intelligent life in Cornwall.

    A well built and displayed welcome too Canada travel bureau, some small local shops and farmers market would be nice to see.

    Does anyone on council or in the local administration have the ability to do this? Is there anyone with an eye on the day after tomorrow and both the nerve and brains to take the path forward??

  3. Grant
    If the government can park a business on our land for free, then you have set precedence for mine. No more taxes for you. If that is a problem see ya in court

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