The Vagina Hour sneak peek on – Reg Coffey’s Old Time Radio Hour debuts with The Green Hornet and The Shadow! Cornwall Ontario – April 13, 2010

Cornwall ON – Tonight on Maria Restinetti will sneak peak her new radio show “The Vagina Hour” which will be all news, conversation, and dish from the fairer perspective.   Reg Coffey will debut his Old Time Radio Hour featuring old radio shows The Green Hornet & The Shadow starring Orson Welles.

You never know what you’ll hear on – Cornwall Ontario’s Community Radio Station Online!

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  1. Actually it would be nice to listen to old radio shows, but that is just being nostalgic. From a progressive point of view, I would have to ask, Have we run out of new ideas in Cornwall such that we again need to rely on yesterday to save ourselves.
    There are so many more progressive approaches that would benefit so many others with just a little creativity.

  2. s’mee I personally love old Radio shows as do many others. I think they are inspiration for new ideas. If you listen to Marina’s show as it evolves I’m sure you’ll see some new ideas and approaches to many important issues. We also have some new concept shows coming out in the summer and fall.

    And of course you can always create one if you don’t like what you see on the grid; here or elsewhere.

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