Letter to the Editor – Peter Tabuns MPP Toronto Danforth HST will make life less affordable for Cornwall families – April 17, 2010

HST will make life less affordable for Cornwall families

Toronto ON – Cornwall residents shouldn’t be fooled by the cheery talk Revenue Minister John Wilkinson used when he was in Cornwall on Thursday (April 15) to portray his government’s Harmonized Sales Tax (HST).

The HST is a bad deal for Ontario families. It’s a tax shift from big business to people that will make life less affordable in tough times.

Indeed, Ontarians are beginning to tune in the new costs of the tax.

Last month, the Ontario NDP released government records obtained through a Freedom of Information request showing that the HST on hydro will cost families $225 a year.

Non-profit recreation groups are also coming to grips with the blow the HST will mean for them. Despite a Liberal promise to make the HST neutral for non-profits, the Windsor Minor Hockey Association said the HST will cost them $30,000 for ice rental. Steep increases like these will hit the entire province.

Luckily, the HST, which will be implemented later this year on July 1, is not a done deal.

Cornwall families should call or write Liberal MPPs and MPs, and Conservative MPs too, and tell them to stop the HST before it’s implemented. Politicians should be told that Ontarians will not be voting for them if the HST goes through.

Peter Tabuns, MPP Toronto-Danforth

Ontario NDP Finance Critic

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  1. How is this not a done deal?
    Ontario laid off their tax collectors and switched them to federal!
    McGuinty wants that 4 billion plus from the feds to help his books look better!
    Mcguinty needs that money to pay us with our money in these incentive payments.
    It was talked about in budgets of 09 and 2010.
    But mostly because Bill 218 passed third reading and became law!

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