Earth Matters by Jacqueline Milner – What to do in Cornwall as Earth Day celebrates 40 years? – Cornwall Ontario – April 20, 2010

What to do in Cornwall as Earth Day celebrates 40 years?

Cornwall ON – April 22nd 2010 marks the 40th Anniversary of our celebration of Earth Day.  Looking at the site it asks us to ‘join the more than one billion people in 190 countries that are taking action for Earth Day.’  These actions are all something to green up or clean up our lives.  If you are looking to commemorate this day with a special activity check out some of the following suggestions.

The City of Cornwall is hosting a Spring Clean-up, a public program to promote environmental stewardship.  The Mayor invites all Cornwall citizens to clean public places.  Bins have been placed at The Complex for disposal of waste and recyclables.  This event takes place from April 22 to April 24.  The city contact for this public event is Christine Guay, 613-930-2787 or

The city collects biodegradable yard waste such a leaves and twigs for composting which extends the life of our land fills and provides useful compost material for interested parties to use in their gardens.  If you haven’t used this service in the past please consider putting this waste in re-usable containers or paper yard waste bags. This yard waste will be collected on your regular garbage day. Service available until May 14th only.. Contact: Christine Guay, 613-930-2787.

You can join The River Institute for their annual Earth Day Shoreline Cleanup.  Volunteers are welcome to join in to collect garbage along the shoreline surrounding the River Institute and St. Lawrence College.  The Institute will provide the gloves and collection bags.  Cleanup will take place Thursday, April 22nd from Noon to 1 p.m.  Everyone is to meet in front of the River Institute building on the St. Lawrence campus, Cornwall, ON.

Of course, you can begin your very own Earth day celebration tradition…we all share this spaceship called planet Earth and can certainly use all the help we can get.  Please do share the details of your project with everyone here.

I would like to send a shout out to the gentlemen who cleaned up the ditch of all the debris left by our melting snow on the north side of Gore Road from the Glendale subdivision.  You are a caring kind soul and your kindness and concern was certainly noticed and appreciated by this Earth Matters writer.

Also, a shout out to Michelle from Wok Express in the Cornwall Square.  She didn’t bat an eye when I handed her my container to use for my take-out lunch order.  Thank you Michelle.  I have been trying to eliminate plastic and Styrofoam garbage in my daily goings on…it is most challenging.  I invite each of you to stop and take a look at the amount of plastic garbage generated in the produce section in your supermarket alone.  On my last visit I found myself

wondering how an organic producer could justify inorganic plastic packaging?

Lastly, I invite you to visit an Earth Display in the front display window of The Seaway News building; created by yours truly for the community of Cornwall in celebration of this 40th anniversary of Earth Day, 2010. Feel free to visit 24/7 during the month of April.


  1. Picking up debris is a great idea from just a common sense perspective. However anyone 40 plus years old or with a desire for research should really look into all these Earth day promotions is it true or another ruse by entities such as IMF, NWO and the like.

    For local clean up, why do we use volunteers?

    Would it not be beneficial to incorporate a minor offenders municipal bylaw where in community services includes extensive hours of clean up. This should be on an ongoing basis year round. This would help keep the hands of the devil occupied and we would have a cleaner city.

    Then there is composting, though a good idea of sorts nobody ever seems to approach the harm done from composting.
    As foods and products rot they produce methane a huge green house gas. Also, When compostable items, including grass clippings, leaves, fruit and vegetables, coffee grinds, newspapers, etc. enter a landfill, methane gas is created. This is problematic because methane – a greenhouse gas – is 20 times more effective at trapping heat than carbon dioxide. In 2003 alone, as a result of compostable materials, Calgary’s landfills emitted as much greenhouse gases as nearly 75,000 sport utility vehicles (SUVs) driving for an entire year. Methane release from landfills will only increase if consumers start adding compostable plastic bags to their garbage.”

    We should also refer to Newsweek April 28 1975 where in experts were predicting a great decline in the earth’s temperature. They predicted the loss of 100,000 tons of grain lost annually and other huge crop losses.

    Now another perspective on greenhouse gasses often not made public.

    % Greenhouse effect % Natural % Man Made
    Water vapor 95.000 94.999% 0.001
    Carbon Dioxide 3.618 3.502% 0.117%
    Methane 0.360 0.294% 0.066%
    Nitrous Oxide 0.950 0.903% 0.047%
    Misc. gases (CFC) 0.072 0.025% 0.047%
    Total 100 99.72 0.28

  2. sorry the information did not show up well, suffuce it to say the reduction in made made CO2 would make only a slight change in the climate while having a huge impact on the manufacturing industry. In turn costing more for everything we purchase.

    IMF, World Bank, and NWO reap the rewards while people, by no fault of their iwn yet out of ignorence, allow it to happen.

  3. There is no dispute at all about the fact that even if punctiliously observed, (the Kyoto Protocol) would have an imperceptible effect on future temperatures — one-twentieth of a degree by 2050. ”

    Dr. S. Fred Singer, atmospheric physicist
    Professor Emeritus of Environmental Sciences at the University of Virginia,
    and former director of the US Weather Satellite Service;
    in a Sept. 10, 2001 Letter to Editor, Wall Street Journal

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