Should Canada Consider Sending Troops to Congo? What do you think Canada? Cornwall Ontario – April 20, 2010

Cornwall ON – What the heck are we thinking about in Congo?   We being Canada and her armed forces.   Is it Spring and time for the Armed Forces to be somewhere new?

Conservative Zeitgeist Master Keith Beardsley wrote something for the National Post recently:


The most obvious answer is that they are in the media, because someone wants them there. The question is who? Is it the top brass at DND? Is it DFAIT? Someone is trying to shape public opinion and hoping that it will either pressure the government into making a positive decision to send troops to the Congo, or it is being done to help explain a pending government decision.

Nicely dovetailing into this is the Governor-General and guess where she is visiting? Why the Congo of course. Again with lots of media attention focused on the horrible cruelties endured by the civilian population.

I’m thinking it’s time we as a country decide exactly what we want to do with our Military, why, and for how much as Canada seems to be building up military budgets at a time when Hospitals are closing beds as they are here in Cornwall Ontario.

If some in Ottawa want to play toy soldiers with Canadian lives let’s make sure the Hospitals and Medicare are in good order first.

We’re hoping to get the very in demand Former Deputy Minister of Issue Management for the Harper Government to visit us on shortly.

What do you think Canada?  You may post your comments below.

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  1. Why are we thinking of Congo? That’s easily answered with one word: gold. Canada is one of the leaders in mining Congolese gold, and this is threatened by constant violence. You can be certain the mining lobbyists have been knocking on important doors in government office buildings and asking for help. While there are undoubtedly innumerable atrocities occurring on a daily basis in the Congo, the same could be said for many strife torn failed states around the world.

    This is not about helping the people of the Congo, this is about getting people rich.

  2. It’s always about money!

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