Have you hugged your Pizza Delivery Driver lately? Or your Dog? Or your Mom? Or your MP? Cornwall Ontario – April 24, 2010

Cornwall ON – I love my dog.  This is Lily.   She’s a Basenji and is in her “Golden Years”.   As she nears her 15th birthday she’s slowing down a bit.   She’s lost some teeth which is genetic for line sadly which makes it harder when she flips out and attacks my Rottweiler.

Why am I writing about Lily?   Because life is short and like people our animals share our lives; at least those of us that love and share our lives with them.

Tonight I found out someone I knew a million years ago died.   He was slim and in amazing shape; worked out, had a wife and kids.    He felt uncomfortable one night after supper, shared it with his wife and was dead by morning at the age of 50.

As Lily approaches her 15th birthday and I my 46th I’m grateful to have the awareness to live in the moment and appreciate how delicate a gift life can be and how finicky that gift can be.

So tonight hug your dog.  Hug your cat.  Hug your kid.  Hug your parents.   Hug the pizza delivery guy unless he’s as smelly as the one I had at the house last week although I’m sure even smelly pizza delivery guy’s need hugs too.

Mostly appreciate all the blessings you have in your lives, like being able to view the Cornwall Wall Free News 🙂

And while I’m at it thank you to all who have helped keep our newspaper and radio station rocking so far in 2010.   All of us here will work hard and with your help and support make it an even better experience.


  1. “Hug the pizza delivery guy unless he’s as smelly as the one I had at the house last week”

    How is the exercise and better eating going LOL

  2. It’s going very well Eric. I even had my bike tuned up at Bicycle World. Summer is here!

  3. I hugged my two “girls” Charlie and Jessy today. Life is so short for them! You will never find a more loyal and trusting friend as your dog. They love you without conditions and would give their life to protect you. I buy my doggy biscuits at Bugaboo’s and they are worth every penny. My dogs love them.

  4. admin, having your bike tuned and actually using it are two different things!

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