Crescent Moon Lane with your host Paul Aubin – Sneak Peek April 24, 2010 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – Tonight we’re sneak peeking Crescent Moon Lane to you our valued listeners of and The Cornwall Free News.  Show time is approximately 8:30PM EST with Crescent Moon Lane starting at 8:45 PM.

We also will be starting our Local Music Show shortly.  Enjoy and please don’t hesitate to send your feedback and comments to us via or 613.361.1755


Crescent Moon Lane is a radio series which is currently in development for

A locally produced alternative to the more populist fare heard on commercial radio, it will feature a diverse selection of tastefully tranquil music tailored for late night listening. You’ll hear chillout, ambient, singer/songwriter, pop, electronica, jazz and other genres.

You’ll hear music from as far back as the 1950’s right up to the present day. You may also hear the occasional surprise or two, just to shake things up a bit. It will all set a graceful mood to close out your week.

One unique aspect of Crescent Moon Lane will be its emphasis on music that generally doesn’t get played on most traditional radio stations. While many of the artists you’ll hear are indeed mainstream and familiar, the focus is on album tracks, B-sides and rarities from their bodies of work which may otherwise be known only to die hard fans.

You’ll encounter the work of musicians you may have heard of but whose music you may not have heard. The show also has a healthy dose of music by independent artists signed to Internet record labels, many of which are troves of buried treasure from all over the world just waiting to be discovered.

The vision for this program is that it would be a Summertime series that would enjoy a ten week run between July 2 and September 3, 2010. Each episode will run for two hours and air on Friday nights beginning at 11:00 pm.

The show will be commercial free but would include a mention of thanks to its sponsors during the reading of the credits at the end of each episode. The program’s website (which is also currently in development) will also include a page with a list of all its sponsors and links to their businesses.

For more information about Crescent Moon Lane and other programs on, please contact Jamie Gilcig at 613-361-1755 or at


Born and raised in Cornwall, Ontario, Paul Aubin (rhymes with Chopin) is a man who’s worn many hats in his forty-one years. From artistic pursuits such as community theatre and graphic design to more serious ventures into political activism and LGBT rights, Paul is never one to stay still for very long.

Music, however, is his life’s biggest passion. The first record he ever bought with his own money was an ABBA single when he was ten, but he eventually grew up to be an unashamed child of the Eighties, his first love being the synth-based pop of that decade.

In 1991, however, his mind’s eye was opened to a much wider array of musical genres thanks to getting hired at a local CD shop, a field he eventually worked in for nearly ten years. Over time his tastes expanded and matured to include much of what you’ll hear on Crescent Moon Lane. While he’s long gone from the business of selling music, every so often he gets recognized as “the guy who used to work at the CD store”.

Late night radio has always held a special place in Paul’s life. “There’s a character about it that you don’t get at other times of the day”, he says. “I remember loving late night shows on the CBC like NightlinesBrave New WavesAfter Hours and Northern Lights.

Each of them went in different musical directions, but what they all had in common was the warmth and intimacy they exuded. Even though they had thousands of listeners across the country, it always felt like they were speaking directly to me. Those shows came to be faithful friends – there for me every night regardless of what kind of a day I’d had, never judging, always soothing. That’s the magic of late night radio to me.  Crescent Moon Lane will capture some of that.”

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