Quick Hits for Saturday April 24, 2010 – Cornwall Ontario Bobby Orr – Bill Vander Zalm –

Here are your QUICK HITS for Saturday April 24, 2010!

Bobby Orr Rookie Sweater Sold for $191K at Auction

Britney Spears Dad Forbids Brit Brit to go out without a Bra

Ignatieff Sticks Fork in Jean Charest

Poison Singer Brett Michaels Rushed to Hospital with Brain Hemorrhage

Tory Health Minister “Regulate Trans Fats”

Country Legend Merle Haggard Releases Album at 72!

New Alzheimer Vaccine To Be Tested

BC Fungus Spread Risk to Mainland Canada and US

US Launches Space Plane in Secrecy

Men In Black (MIB) 3 Confirmed by Director Sonnenfeld – Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones Back Again

Former BC Premier Bill Vander Zalm Back and Fighting Mad Over HST

These have been your Quick Hits for the day!

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