Cornwall Ontario City Council for Monday April 26, 2010 – Chasing Wild Geese – Another Waterfront Development Committee, and deciding what Elected Officials can put on their Expense Claims

Cornwall ON – There were some tense moments at Cornwall Ontario City Council this Monday evening.   Some of the hot topics at play were a Wage Freeze for City Council; The Waterfront Land Development Committee being formed; and policy for what Elected officials could put on their expense account.

There was also an interesting amount of $25,000 that the city of Cornwall is going to pay a firm, at the rate of $84 per hour, to clear Canada Geese from Lamoureaux parc this season.   Of course you still can’t walk your dog there; or anywhere else really in Cornwall as we still don’t have a dog park.

Details of the rumble to follow.  What do you think Cornwall?   Post your comments below.

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  1. You don’t mention it here, but I thought a real compelling moment last night was Mark MacDonald calling the Mayor and Thibault out for going over Council’s head to meet with the Mohawk Council concerning the waterfront developement, and rightly so. We have a liason committee set up to do just that, and they were never even consulted.

  2. Hi Rodney,

    I actually ran that as a story on Sunday 🙂

    We’re also going to be doing a feature on this hot topic shortly.

  3. Lets hope they don’t use taxpayer funded expense accounts to make charitable donations again!!!

  4. Environmentalists push for a green earth and homes for nature’s animals. Now we have to clean up after we provide for what the environmentalists ask for.

    If Bob or the sleepy idiot to his right had a brain between the two of them they would approach Elaine Kennedy, Jennifer and Naresh give them a shovel and let them clean up the mess.

    As it stands now we are taxed to clean up for the birds and then again to clean up after them…ironic isn’t it

  5. Admin: I did see that story on Sunday, but it was Monday when MacDonald called mayor Bob a liar in front of everybody, and I thought that was cool. I actually think that Councillor Clement had the best idea when she suggested a full on Council to Council meeting. We’ll see where that goes.

    I wish I could remember who it was (I believe Rivette), but someone last night said that the goose chasing dog set-up was actually working well. I wonder if they ever walk through Lamaroux Park in full on goose season. It clearly is not working.

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