Corus Radio Station Muzzles Ontario Revenue Minister John Wilkinson on Tour to Inform Public about HST – Cornwall Ontario -April 27, 2010

Cornwall ON – A little while ago we reported that while on tour of Eastern Ontario MPP and Revenue Minister John Wilkinson was interviewed by Assistant News Director of AM 1220 Bill Kingston, in Cornwall, and that the interview was not aired.   We did some research and sent out queries to Mr. Kingston and his direct Boss Lorne Wiebe.

While neither was returned in writing we were able to confirm that the minister was in fact interviewed by Mr. Kingston and that the station “chose” to not air the interview.     It seems to simply be a rebut and insult to a visiting Minister of State by a Corus Radio Station or news staff/manager.

This raises several questions.   One, why interview the minister if you’re not going to run the interview?   I recently interviewed one of Mr. Harper’s ministers, and while I’m certainly not a support of Mr. Harper’s I showed professional respect to Mr. Goodyear who in fact was a great interview.

What do you think Cornwall and Canada?  Should Mr. Kingston simply not wasted the Minister’s time and not interviewed him?  Was Corus in the wrong for not airing the interview?   Are all of their listeners of the same political opinion to squish public information in this manner?   Does a news media outlet have an obligation to report information from Politicians’s especially with elections coming up?

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Should Corus Radio in Cornwall Ontario have run the Interview with Ontario Revenue Minister John Wilkonson?

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  1. Hopefully we are aware that all media has a self serving goal. It is up to us to get all sides, Corus is no exeption. Do you watch Fox or ABC? far right or far left? Hopefully Freenews will be a little on the left… Corus is the conservative voice.

  2. Hi Rony,

    The “Free” in Cornwall Free News is about allowing everyone a voice; even if we don’t always agree with those voices. I think one of the reasons people are so apathetic politically is that they feel their voice doesn’t count and some people want that. I personally think all of our voices are important and when I see blatant media manipulation it upsets me. Social engineering is wrong.

    Thanks for your comment and welcome to The Cornwall Free News

  3. really? ” blatant media manipulation” or just plain old incompetence?
    “oops, what ever happend to that tape? ” my dog ate it…

  4. It’s just another example of the media controlling what the citizens of Canada will hear. I always thought, perhaps wrongly so, that the media was impartial……obviously not!

  5. Stan, the media has not been impartial for years and years. I used to work for a media agency at one point, that transcribed news before it hit the air, and let me tell you, we’re in the dark about a good 50+% of anything important that we should know about that is going on. That job scared the crap out of me.

    You may be wondering why I am the way I am, and why I am so against a great many things these days? At things being buried instead of broadcast to the public.. And actions like this by Corus, only add to that sense of media manipulation as far as I am concerned.

  6. A news company is a business like any others. They can choose to run or not run any story they wish. No different than you running this site, you choose what goes on and off it. I don’t see how personal attacks on a publicly-viewed website against people who work for that company is going to do anyone any good.

  7. Hi Alex,

    I didn’t make any personal attacks. The only attack was on a radio station against the minister of revenue of Ontario. Btw, welcome to The Cornwall Free New. 🙂

  8. I really do not know what more info we need on the HST (- the policy is good but taxing more things is wrong, feeding us more of our own money to sugercoat is also wrong -) but the public should be able to hear what government staff are saying.

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