Perry Dunlop Contempt of Court Case Request Rejected by Ontario Court of Appeal – Cornwall Ontario – April 30, 2010

Cornwall ON – Former Cornwall Police Officer Perry Dunlop has had his appeal rejected by the Ontario Court of Appeal, the highest court in the province.


Dunlop, now living in Duncan, B.C., was called in September 2007 to testify at the inquiry. While he did appear several times, he refused to answer any questions.

He was found guilty of civil contempt in November 2007 and sentenced to six months. Dunlop was then found guilty of criminal contempt in March 2008 and sentenced to a further 30 days in jail.

Dunlop called the seven months he served in jail for contempt “cruel and unusual punishment.”

“The record, however, shows that the appellant was given numerous opportunities to obtain counsel, make submissions and purge his contempt. His other claims, for example, that he was unlawfully arrested and denied his right to fundamental justice are spurious.”

Over $50 million dollars later and a lot of hurt and upset people where is Cornwall now?  There are many questions to this entire case that never will be publicly answered.

Hopefully some lessons have been learned from this very expensive mess.


  1. Perry Dunlop brought this upon himself by refusing to talk. How stupid can he be?

  2. He’s got one thing right where is Cornwall Now.Cornwall isn’t going to go anywhere this town sucks there’s nothing to do in this town other then going to shopping malls or restaurants.Get rid of the trash that’s running the city.

  3. Yes, when you start something, finish it. He already put himself on the police shytelist, so he may as well have pulled the trigger, but he didn’t. Unfortunately, I have no sympathy for this situation. Who knows what the outcome of the inquiry may have been had he testified!

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