Alleged Killer Colonel Eating Again – Could spend as little as 15 Years in Jail for Murder, Sexual Assault, and over 80 Burglaries! – Cornwall Ontario – April 30, 2010

Cornwall ON – Alleged Killer Colonel Russ Williams is eating again and looking like he’ll be copping a plea that will also include over 80 charges of burglary to go along with murder and sexual assault.


Prosecutors and defence counsel for accused killer and sex predator Colonel Russell Williams have reached an agreement in principle that would see the former air base commander plead guilty to all the charges against him, including 82 new burglary-related charges laid this week, two sources close to the investigation confirm.

82 burglary charges?  Makes you wonder about the police in that neck of the woods?

What do you think Canada?  Is a potential 15 year sentence enough for the Killer Colonel?

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  1. Given the media response in this case, I believe the Colonel will plead guilty in a plea bargain scenario and will receive Life-in-Prison without parole for 25 years. Thats my opinion.

  2. Yes Stan, but that sentence allows an appeal for parole after 15 years.

  3. Yes Stan, but that sentence allows an appeal for parole after 15 years.

  4. No, 15 years is definitely not enough. Seems like a light slap on the wrist like Jaffer got. He is a serial killer, he got caught red handed. Lets not make another deal with the devil. Shoot the devil instead!

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