Tough on Crime Harper Government Caught in Jaffergate – How many MP’s kept the secret? Cornwall Ontario – April 29, 2010

Cornwall ON – Jaffergate is sparking a larger fire as politicians keep raising questions about what hasn’t been discovered yet and how the Harper government has been dealing with what has been disclosed to date.


NDP MP Thomas Mulcair suggested Jaffer was deliberately directing his questions to parliamentary secretaries, knowing it would end up on a minister’s desk, knowing the parliamentary secretaries were not subject to the Lobbying Act.

“It would appear that is the case,” Mulcair told reporters outside the House.

That and using his wife’s Ministerial email account to communicate with the government definitely shows smoke to which there appears to be some sort of fire.

What is most alarming is that Mr. Jaffer was let off of his criminal charges with the lightest of wrist slaps.  Was that done because of what is now only trickling out to the public?  How can a government cry out to be “TOUGH ON CRIME” while allowing or perpetuating crime? Or is it only the few crimes that make better news bites that these laws are aimed at as opposed to fraud which is the biggest and least treated crime in Canada?


“The only reason I ever used the Blackberry was to keep track of what my wife’s schedule was,” Jaffer told the committee.

Yet the documents clearly show Jaffer sending emails related to his own work while using at least one email account to Guergis’ office – appearing to the recipient as either “Guergis, Helena – Assistant 2” or “HELENA GUERGIS.”

What do you think Canada?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. The federal government or Stephen Harpers Conservatives have not allowed nor perpetuated crime. Please remember that it was the justice system of Ontario (Liberal) that allowed Jaffer to go free.
    You talk of fraud. Fraud is described in the Oxford Dictionary as (1) Criminal Deception, (2) A dishonest artifice or trick, (3) A person or thing not fulfilling what is claimed or expected of it. So now tell us how Jaffer can be guilty of fraud?

  2. DUI, Racing, Cocaine, Influence Peddling possibly, who knows what else is going on. Jaffer apparently said he had links to parliament. I still to this day believe someone pulled strings for him. I do not believe the OPP messed up their investigation into the matter. And then look at everything going on with his wife as well. No, something definitely stinks here, and I bet that is be they’ll want it included in National Secrets or the likes. The Cons don’t even want to release documents related to Afghanistan, and apparently they are the most transparent government we have, according to themselves. When everyone else sees them as the most secretive government of all time.

    I think Jaffer opened his yap too much and got Harper in a compromising position. As another article mentioned, why didn’t Mr. Prentice approach the house with his damning information 8 months or whatever ago? Probably because they didn’t expect this would happen. Again, makes this lot in parliament look like a bunch of idiots and if they think the country is dumb, they have another thing coming.

    We’re watching you, and we see what is going on, don’t insult us with trying to cover it up any further!

  3. Now Stan I never stated that Mr Jaffer committed a fraud. I clearly stated that Fraud is an issue in this country. And Stan we know that the lines between Federal and Provincial parties run very thin and that sometimes it’s the same people pulling the strings.

    Do you really honestly think that Justice was served in Mr. Jaffer’s arrest and laughable result? Cocaine in the care while driving DUI? Puh lease – Tough on Crime; only for those that aren’t part of their group. That’s hypocritical and riding a very slippery slope.

  4. Stan, One call to the Prime Ministers Office is all it takes.

  5. Hell, Jaffer has links in the PM for Stan, just call Jaffer.. lol..
    And Jamie, Cocaine is a FEDERAL charge and crime, meaning that aspect was under the watch and responsibility of none other than Rob Nicholson.. haven’t heard him say a word towards this other than to call the opposition irresponsible in their accusations. You want to talk irresponsible, here is Rob Nicholson touting the highly regressive Bill C-15, which risks mandatory jail sentences for pot of all things, and here is one of their former own, riding with COCAINE ( much worse than pot) in the car! Again, thats a federal issue so I still think someone pulled strings.

  6. The issue that bothered me most was trying to somehow pin this on the OPP as if it was there procedural error. It’s hard enough working in Law Enforcement that our Police Officers don’t need that kind of crap; especially from a political party that loves to hug our military so close to their hearts as if other Canadians don’t.

  7. Jaffer and the Conservative made the OPP look worse than inspector Clusea. But go ahead folks, keep voting Conservative. I am sure things will change if King Stephen gets a majority. However, maybe the OPP did make several errors. Maybe they OPP are incompetent. It leads folks to believe that the police could be corrupt. Only Jaffer and Harper know. I am surprised by the silence by the OPP regarding this event. I would also like to read a biography of the judge that let him off. Is it possible that this judge also worked for the Hells Angels. They are such reasonable down to earth entrepreneur.

  8. And yes admin, it should bother you, and every law biding Canadian citizen. It also bothers me.

  9. Yes willie191, I did call but he was busy packing for his trip to Europe this coming week. On another note willie191, it wasn’t Jaffer and the Conservatives who made the OPP look like a bunch of Inspector Cluseau’s….it was Jaffer and the Ontario Liberals that did that. The “deed” was done by the provincial justice department not the federales.

  10. So Stan, it takes the Liberals to bail out a Conservative, again.

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